Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Mystery Plants

Goodness aren't we being properly spoilt

The weather has been truly glorious

Though I do struggle in the heat

It is nice to be able to dry copious amounts of washing

We are still hard at it at Little Winter

Though officially the cottage is just a number

I may rectify that soon

Just to confuse our postman even further


We have been getting plants in the garden

The nearest I can identify them to anything is a Day Lilly

But they are numerous

And popping up everywhere

Any ideas

Perhaps they are from littered bird seed

Or a neighbours seed carried along in the wind

Or by birds

I hope they are legal

But I really haven't a clue

The long leaves are almost striped


Heidi is looking much better

Her coat is returning


Our grandchild appears to be baking nicely

It doesn't seem quite real yet

But I'm sure all that will change when he or she arrives

We still have so much to do

In preparation for youngest and her caveman to return for a few months

Beginning in August

They're house is being altered from a prefab to blocks

In order to make it mortgageable

We still need to replace our bedroom carpet

Bring home 2 dressers for our bedroom

Then I can tidy up the spare room

Then the office room

As visitors will have to camp in there

When youngest is home

I have ordered a couple of single fold out foam beds

For the office room

Sonshine will be coming home

And possibly his girlfriend too

Let's pack them in!


But today I have a long list of things to accomplish

I should like to get as much work assessed and ready to go as possible

A few learners are almost finished

Less files in the cottage has to be good!


Next stop the kettle and something to eat

Then work work work!

Blessings J. x



  1. Triffids....those are definitely Triffids....lol.
    Wow....you are going to have a houseful but how lovely.
    If the kettle is on I am popping down.

  2. It's good to see a post from you Jackie. Life sounds good and busy. The weather is beautiful - a proper Summer for once. X


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