Monday, 2 July 2018

It's Not Pretty

Poor Heidi as previously mentioned

Had been to the professional groomers for a shower

She had her tummy shaved there due to too much concrete

But even after this I noticed that things just weren't right with her coat

Reluctantly I clipped some to get a better look at her thick undercoat

It was bad

And the only real solution

Get it off

Heidi was really patient

And I didn't laugh


I was too heartbroken

My naked Newfie

She is now looking much better

But I have had to keep plenty of wet towels to hand in the hot weather

A Newfie's coat is double layered

And the worst thing you can do to try and keep them cool is clip it

I hope the need never arises again

But she has been a star

And allowed to come up to our bedroom if she wanted

She did need my reassurance for a few days

She got it in bucketloads


Hedgehog prints in our concrete

Can you see them?

I have ordered some hedgehog food

Along with new bird feeders

And a veritable selection of tasty treats

Bird feeders that claim to come apart easily to be washed

I do hope so!

Anyway I have just noticed the time

And though it is supposed to be a home day

I do have some business papers to drop off

And a learner to see

So I really need to get a scoot along!

Blessings J. x



  1. Bless her. Tell her from me she still looks gorgeous. X

  2. Oh still look absolutely gorgeous.
    Little hedgehog lovely. Alpha and Alfie the hedgies have arrived at Roz's. One of them has a brain condition and the other had something nasty when he was born which means he can't survive in the wild. Roz is totally in love already so I have a feeling they will be getting spoilt.

    1. I'm hoping to encourage the little rascal to stay! xx


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