Thursday, 7 June 2018

My Home

I am gritting my teeth

Actually it feels as though I have grit between my teeth

How much dust is too much?

The oak dresser used to be a sacred place

No dapping down of lost bits

Let alone power tools!

This is going to be our new kitchen door to the extension

This door I knew many years ago

It was the dairy door on the farm where Dad worked

I would watch whilst the churns filled

And swop the pipes over to the new churn

Then call to him to fetch another

The farm was up for sale a few years ago

I instantly recognised the door

And confirmed it with the seller

Hubby kindly bought it for me

We hope to turn it into a stable type door

It has a convenient split in it

Happily it is the exact size we need

Nearly makes up for all the dust

Someone else is less than impressed with all the goings on

She doesn't know it yet

But she will be going to work with me today

Visiting a gentleman

Maybe for the last time

I hope she behaves appropriately

She will

The stripy blanket

With the oops mistakes in it

Is slowly getting re-used

And turned into

Our weather on the whole has been beautiful

A welcome change

I have turned the Aga ovens off

So cooking is slightly limited

However I may pop it on before I leave for work

So we can have oven cooked goods tonight

Well I will if I remember

Next stop is to hang out the washing

And check the greenhouse


Blessings J. x



  1. If it's any consolation beautiful dresser has become the dumping ground I feared it would be and is a constant battle to keep tidy.
    I love, love, love your door. That green is just gorgeous.

    1. Tidy...don't get me started on waking hours if home are spent outside...much less distressing at the moment! xx

  2. So much to do when you're renovating but it will all be worth it in the end or so D kept telling me when we renovated our cottage 10 years ago. Having moved last year there is not much to do here just little incidental jobs oh yes and the paddock that is the garden.

    Keep your chin up


    1. Thank you for your optimism! It will be lovely...eventually...sigh! x

  3. Even if you dust it's all in the air and will settle again. Sounds like the garden is the right place to be.


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