Tuesday, 26 June 2018

How Time Flies

It seems quite an expanse of time has happened since I last posted here. Life has been hectic and many layers of dust have settled at Little Winter.

So what has happened...well the extension has its roof tiles on...most of the floor tiles are down but a miscalculation means we need another boxfull. Not quite sure just how that occurred!

The old outside now inside wall has a very rough coat of plaster on it...a great improvement from the pebbledash of before. This has had a wash and first coat of paint on it.

The old dairy door is now hanging on new hinges and with a new handle and bolt in a different guise as a stable door. More painting still required.

Our large fridge freezer stopped working sometime last Tuesday night. We coped for a few days with things bobbing in cold water in the bath. On Friday I gave in and ordered a smaller fridge freezer as the engineers aren't coming until tomorrow and if parts are needed several more days will pass...if indeed it is economically repairable.

We have changed cars and now have a new to us Toyota Verso. It is slightly wider but not as long as our Astra was. I am slowly getting used to its many lights and gadgets.

I discovered that Heidi had a thick coating of concrete dust in her undercoat and reluctantly took the decision to shave her. She is still a beautiful dog...slightly strange looking but beautiful!

Slowly I am dusting the kitchen and putting things how they should be. This is not a quick job. Energy levels are low in the heat and since Sunday evening I have been suffering from an IBS flare up. Hence I'm reclining on the sun lounger in the orchard in the shade courtesy of a sheet hanging on the line to dry. Beautiful. I have recently eaten a small amount so am resting whilst digesting...hope this strategy works...it does seem to set off when I move around too much.

We discovered that we have a hedgehog in the garden...courtesy of him or her leaving their footprints in some wet concrete! A disused cold frame will be having a change of use to make a des res for two hedgehogs later in the Summer.

In the vegetable garden the peas have started producing tender pods of succulent treats. None have found their way as far as the kitchen yet! Lettuce is still being picked from a greenhouse sowing. The runner beans are flowering well though I've yet to see any beans. A couple of onions have tried running to seed. We shall soon be picking cucumbers but the tomatoes are a long way off. I can't judge the root crops as they are hidden beneath the soil.

Maybe I'll stay here a while longer and catch up on some blog reading. I haven't done much of that lately...this good weather is far to good to miss.

Happy days everyone,

Blessings J. x



  1. Sounds like the extension is coming together nicely. Are you leaving the plaster rough.....I absolutely love rough plaster walls.

    Sorry you have had a flare up of IBS. It is a nasty thing but glad you have taken time to rest.

    Oooh a resident hedgehog...how wonderful. I would love to be able to go to work with Roz as she and her team are currently making a lovely area ready for a delivery of disabled hedgehogs. I'd love to be able to sit and watch them.

    Hugs to you-x-

  2. Lovely to see a post from you Jackie. I think blogland is quiet at the moment as many people are busy at this time of year. And how busy!? You've achieved so much, although please make sure you are able to rest and recover from your recent flare up.
    Please note photographs of shaved Heidi and hedgehog footprints are required. 😆 X

  3. My husband has IBS too. He's made some dietary changes which seem to be helping. Fab news about the hedgehogs. I don't think we've got any, but I leave a dish of water out just incase as there's been some reports of dehydrated hogs being found locally.


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