Wednesday, 23 May 2018

More Ideas Than Time

With a grandchild on the way

I seem to have found my making mojo

Crochet is my addiction of choice at the moment

BlackSheep Wools have been handed some lots of my wages

In exchange for an array of colourful yarn

Scheepjes colour crafter to be precise

I am practicing with an old ball of yarn

A big ball I might add

As I've only just taught myself how to crochet

Apart from making eldest a dolly blanket

Sometime during the last century!

The extension...

Well you know the house that Jack built

As in twice!

Lash it and Leg it

Namely Hubby and Son in Law

Made a bit of an error

As in trusting that the neighbours path was straight

As our house wall isn't


Block work up

Frame up

Roof trusses on

Roof trusses off

Frame down

Side block work down!

Made for an interesting evening

When hubby realised their Son in Laws mistake?!

All put right now though

To be fair they've done a good job

But they are learning

Someone is coming this evening to look at the extension roof

Else it's going to have to be Lash it and Leg it I'm afraid

Eldest and Son in Law have 'sold' their house

As in it's going through the process

And have 'bought' the in need of complete renovation house

In the same vein

I only hope their mortgage valuer

Won't query the sellers instance

That he has two steels running the length of the property

That were already installed

When he removed walls

Not too much of an issue for Hubby to sort

But not good in the eyes of a mortgage assessment

We found several holes in the ceiling

But no evidence of any steel!

He had kept his lambs in one of the bedrooms last year

Can you imagine?

And yes daughter is with child!!

An unplanned free day today


And it has been lovely

Hubby requested a cake

This is what I made him


I've hung out washing

And pootled in the garden

I suffered a mild concussion a week ago

And my head still doesn't want to know about touch typing

I actually managed to bang my head three times in a week

All in different places

It is sore

And I still have headaches

Three weeks

Recovery could take three weeks

The above was written last Thursday

So what has happened since

Sadly yesterday

The house move halted

Vendor no longer selling

Tearful daughter who is with child

Upset for the house

That isn't 'loved'

And for their purchaser

Who will be let down

There is no way they can sell

And take a risk

With a baby on the way

Such is life

Lots to show and tell

But not a lot of time right now

Back soon

Blessings J. x



  1. Concussion.....good grief Jackie. I think you need to be wrapped up in some cotton wool.
    I am so sorry about the house no longer being awful for them. Much as I would love to move house I don't think I could stand the stress of it all. I hope they find something else that they love.

    1. Thank you was painful and an emotional time. I hope something happens for them to think...glad we didn't get that house...fingers crossed. x

  2. What a disappointment for your daughter and SIL but, it wasn't meant to be. The right house will come along. Sorry to hear about your concussions, that's not good! Next you'll need to wear a helmet! Take care of yourself.

    1. Probably just too many things whizzing around in my head right now...I need to be more careful! x

  3. So many ups and downs for you all lately but I'm a great believer in fate and I'm sure it will all turn out as it should in the end. Lovely news that your daughter is expecting a baby, you'll be put those new found crocheting skills into action no doubt. Now my son's partner has reached 16 weeks I feel I can get on and get the knitting needles on the go and the crochet hook out. I'm going to enjoy this time of making for a new member of the family especially as other grandma doesn't knit or crochet. Still as other grandma lives nearby and I live two hours away from them she will be able to be a much more hands on grandma so I am compensating by being the grandma that makes things.



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