Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Going Crazy For Crochet



I've been doing a bit of crochet

Now that I can

Sitting on the swing seat



Birds singing


Trial blanket from stash

Pleased with this cutie


Just because

And on the hook

A stripy number

Destined to be a patio blanket

A quick trip out with Heidi today

Led us here

She had a lovely paddle

And then lay down in the river

Happy mutt

The extension has had its tiles put on today

And I have just noticed

My stripy blanket has lost some stitches

It may stay stripy

Or morph into granny squares

Oh well

Practice makes perfect

Or just more work!

I do hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunshine

I've been topping up the old

Vitamin D levels

Blessings J. x



  1. Life looks good. Especially with the beautiful sunshine you're having. I bet Heidi loved cooling down in the water.
    Crochet is wonderfully relaxing and I love the purple stripes. I managed to fit in a bit of hooky at the weekend, although it didn't feel quite right working on a warm woolly blanket on such a hot day.
    Hope all went well with the extension tiles. X

  2. Lovely weather, not surprised Heidi wallowing, my dog had taken up getting into every water trough she sees and lies down just leaving her head out! Nice to see so much crochet going on 😊

  3. That is one gorgeous blanket Jackie and I love the purple stripes too.
    What a beautiful place to end up in on your walk. The perfect place for a picnic sitting on a crocheted blanket.

  4. Love all your beautiful crochet. That looks like a beautiful place to go for a walk and a cooling paddle! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the extension.

  5. Glad to see the making mojo is in full swing. What an idyllic place you found too. We moved here a year ago and we're still on a journey of discovery of the best places to walk the boys but I haven't found anywhere like this but I can live in hope that I do. Your cake looks lovely, I am ok at tea breads loaf cakes but I'm not so sure about a light airy sponge that goes with a victoria sponge not sure it would pass muster at a WI.



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