Monday, 12 March 2018

I Did It

On Saturday morning

I took an unsigned copy

Of the letter I had draughted

To my neighbour

I wanted to explain each section to her

And point out that

When I come home

To find a van on our drive blocking all 3 of our parking spaces

With 2 blokes climbing over my side wall

I get scared

Her answer

Oh yes...

I thought you would be out for longer

What she does have

As far as we are concerned

From studying the deeds

Is a right to pass and repass on foot only

And only for the purpose of drawing water

From the pump

Situated on the property of our other neighbour

The pump which has been disused for over 50 years

And in 1993 they erected a wall between us and them

Earlier this year she wanted to sell her house

Because she doesn't have rear access

Now she thinks she can just do what she likes on our property

When she likes

And invite who she likes

Use our drive

But then when questioned

She said that she would but a padlock on the gates

If it was her


Apparently there was one

Until the property was empty

I wonder where that went then!

She kept saying

When it was empty

But then admitted

That one day someone was in the kitchen

And caught her

So why is she presuming

She also told me one day

When she saw me feeding the birds

That she doesn't feed the birds

Cos of the rats

Rather news to me

As from our upstairs window

I have seen her adding food to her bird table

Perhaps she has a twin hiding!

She's also admitted

To having deliveries of coal

Across our property

When we aren't there

These charming visitors

Rarely shut the gate

So when I come home and let Heidi out

She could easily escape onto the main road

Silent screams emitting!!

I had been blaming hubby

Now I know the creepy truth

I've done this

But genuinely don't want to have any bad feeling

But I feel used


And a creepy feeling

Knowing that strangers

Come into our garden

When we're not home

I can understand that originally

She could have been confused

As the deeds were amended

In 1989

With reference to a conveyance in 1972

Changing the right from access via B to A and vice versa

To for the purpose of drawing water only

And only for the occupier

Give me strength


Because to top it all

Offsted are visiting

The company I work for

Today and tomorrow

Blessings J. x


  1. So if the pump doesn't exist anymore then she has no reason to have access to your property....not that I know anything about property law at all.

    Good luck with Ofsted.

    1. I do hope so Sheila...really our other neighbours need to find out if the easement can be removed from their property as no one has wanted anything to do with the pump in over 50 years. It does not work! In the meantime we're happy to be neighbourly...but not be walked all over and taken for granted. x

  2. I hope you manage to stay on good terms with your neighbour, but she has no right to take advantage like that. I never cease to be amazed by the nerve of some people. It wouldn't be so bad if she actually asked permission and ensured the gate was closed. X


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