Monday, 12 February 2018


Today I succumbed to a small temptation

I called into town between learners

And visited the bakery

An arranged last minute visit to eldest for lunch

I decided to take pudding

And ended up buying 2 Danish pastries

And a florentine

1 Danish pastry for us to share

And 1 for hubby's packing tomorrow

The florentine I shared with hubby for tea

The Danish pastries being custard and sultana

Not my finest choice

I just hope hubby enjoys his tomorrow


This little lot cost the princely sum

Of three hundred and twenty five hard earned pennies

The cost of the Danish that I shared with daughter came out of my fun budget

But I still knocked two hundred and fifteen pence

Off the weekly food budget

For not much really

Considering that the Lidl shop cost six hundred and fifty two pence

For milk, bread, grapes, lemonade, pitta bread and peas

Let this be a hard lesson learned

But I was cold

And hungry

And and and

And now I'm annoyed

But it will pass

Yesterday (Sunday) lunchtime

We had pancakes

And for our evening meal roast chicken

I made a bacon leek and cheese flan

For hubby's packing

And tonight we had cold chicken

The leftover roast potatoes and baked beans

I've now picked the chicken clean

And have enough for curry tomorrow

It had previously cost us four pounds

I really hope that we will need to purchase nothing more this week

Leaving me with a carry over

Of five pounds and thirty three pence

In order to take advantage of bulk buying

Such as 3 chicken for twelve pounds

And a whole sack of potatoes

I need to save a few pennies here and there

Never before have I felt this level of determination though

Which can surely only be a good thing

Blessings J. x


  1. Some days you just need to visit the bakery. X

  2. Awww you have to have a treat now and again Jackie just to make life worth living.

    1. Wouldn't have minded if I had chosen my normal synthetic cream doughnut x

  3. I would go for chocolate or creamy rather than danish.........and now I feel exceedingly peckish!

    1. I'll know to steer clear of sultana and custard in future! x

  4. Feel good food. Nothing wrong with a little bit of that now and then 🤗


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