Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Silently The Snow Falls

I arose before the dawn today

Drove through deteriorating weather

And after a 30+ mile round trip

Returned at 7:20

It had stopped snowing before I made it back

But now it is here again

Heidi is snow bathing on the patio

Strange dog

Maybe she thinks of it as dry shampoo

Not like little Hamish

Who has taken on the role of shawl clip

He ventures out with me quite often

Bessie is loaded to the brim with damp washing

On the newly purchased Aga airers

I need to stop using the tumble so much

Today I plan to rest up and get a little knitting done

By the fire

My comforter


The kettle is almost boiling atop the woodburner

Leaving the washing undisturbed

Jacket potatoes are baking slowly in the oven

Youngest is forecast to arrive sometime

We will venture down to the woods with Heidi

And I am popping into a lady up the road frequently today

She requires a little assistance when her hubby is away

I'm hoping that a hot jacket potato will be a welcome surprise for her at lunchtime

Back soon

Blessings J. x



  1. Stay cosy and warm Jackie. It's been a Winter wonderland here today. X

    1. The wind has really picked up a pace here this evening...I'm venturing out to a skittles match shortly...but really wish I wasn't! x


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