Saturday, 24 February 2018

Just In Case

It has been a truly

Beautiful cold dry day today

Is the beast stirring

Just as it did 40 years ago

Well maybe

So just in case

This lot should keep us warm

For a few days at least

No wood is actually touching

The woodburner


I've made us a treat

To take to the pictures tonight

Cinder toffee

It went a bit wrong


And there's loads

Think I'll be using some in cooking

Hubby is watching

A disappointing game

Of his beloved rugby

Hope you're all

Keeping warm

Blessings J. x



  1. It certainly wasn't a good game of rugby for the English! Enjoy the toffee

  2. Oh, your blog header is lovely <3 Your dogs are gorgeous. This is a terrible time to run out of wood, which is exactly what has happened! We're getting some coal on Monday, just to be sure. Stay warm.x

    1. Thank you Yarrow..I like changing it every now and then. Hope you manage to keep the home fires burning! x

  3. You look nice and prepared - stay warm and enjoy the cinder toffee!

  4. We've been into the Peak District today - Buxton. Absolutely freezing but really bright sunshine! I think we're all waiting with baited breath!

  5. What a lovely sight....all that wood stacked ready for cosy days and nights.

    I haven't made cinder toffee for a long time. I like it crumbled over ice cream...yum.

    1. The pile is shrinking back somewhat...the toffee is quite a challenge to eat! x


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