Wednesday, 28 February 2018

A Sick Day

Though I prepared myself last evening

To head to Taunton today

Common sense prevailed

At 6am

I had got up to get ready

And my legs took me in wobbly fashion

Towards the general direction of our bathroom

I managed then to go downstairs

Coax the fire into life and make a drink

I admired the snow

Which had fallen last evening and stayed

Let out Heidi

And climbed back upstairs


And shivering

We'll just have to take in our stride

The loss of income

Hubby went out for a couple of hours

Before returning home

He still has an awful cough

And a monster headache

Whereas I ache

What a pair we are!


Our side door is rattling alarmingly

The fridge is in front of it

So I have done my best with towels and cushions

To block the draught


The water had frozen

Up in the old pig house

So washing was delayed

It did eventually get going

At about 3 o'clock

I heard the ice moving through the pipes

I braved hanging it out

But the light is fading quickly here today

The wind is most definitely from the East

I shall soon venture forth and bring it in

To finish drying above the Aga


The paperwork sits untouched

Concentration a victim of the virus I am hosting

Our forecast is not looking conducive

To getting much done tomorrow


I have now unhooked the washing

From the line

Cardboard shirts

Are difficult to man handle


Tea is cooking in the Aga

Steak and sliced jacket potatoes

Peas and pepper sauce

Sit on the woodburner

Washing is occupying the Aga top

Hubby is watching tv

I am bored but unable to do much useful at all

We're playing the waiting game

To see just what this beast from the East has in store for us

Visions of too many oak apples

Keep coming to mind

Tomorrow I'll decide one way or the other

Were they a sign

I think we're in for a wild night

Sleep may be elusive

Memories from a night

Forty years ago

Have resurfaced

The noise

The smell

The feeling


Keep warm and safe

Blessings J. x


  1. Oh poor you, that’s rotten to be poorly. Stay warm and safe indoors x

    1. It has looked so beautiful outside, but far too cold to linger when not firing on all cylinders! x

  2. Stay safe and warm. I hope you're feeling better soon. I have, this evening, become a victim of the latest virus going around Lily's school. I hope it passes as quickly as it arrived. X

    1. Oh dear....nothing passes a virus around faster than a child to their parents! x

  3. Keep warm, practice self care and feel better soon x

  4. Oh no not another poor thing. You must be heartily sick of them by now.
    Snuggle up and treat yourself gently until it's gone.
    Sending huge hugs-x-

    1. I'm not too bad today...but I have never known hubby to stay home ill for three consecutive days...ever! x


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