Tuesday, 20 February 2018

40 Years Ago

Quite unbelievably yesterday marked

The 40th Anniversary

Of a great blizzard in our region

We were literally

Snowed in for weeks

20-30 foot high drifts

The snow was still lying in patches

Come May!

Whether we are in for

A beast from the East

I don't know

It seems to me

If they forecast snow

We don't get any

But often

When they say it will miss us

We get quite literally

Dumped upon!

As long as

The potato sack is full

I'll make a meal of something

I will factor into the budget

A couple bags of flour

Just in case

Butter has gone up in price so much

In the last twelve months

I shall keep an eye out for

Marked down cream

To make my own


I can feel my body changing

Along with the seasons

Soon I will want to be outside


But for now

I'm enjoying my evening

By the fire


A little knitting

And a mug of tea

Blessings J. x



  1. As earlier mentioned, hubby can remember those blizzards! Had a phone call from MIL at the weekend and she was in a T-shirt gardening (Jacobstowe). I hear next week is meant to be the coldest week of the winter so far. I think we should all hibernate!!

    1. Scary...it was rather mild before that great storm! x

  2. A little knitting and a mug of tea by the fire sounds a great way to get through a blizzard.

  3. It was very mild here yesterday Jackie. The heating didn't go on until 4pm and was off again by 9pm.
    I think the last time we had any snow of note was when my son was two so 33 years ago. We didn't have anything like those high a drifts though.
    It's amazing what you can make with a bag of potatoes. Oooooh a chip butty, a cup of tea and a roaring fire sounds good to me even if it doesn't snow.


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