Thursday, 4 January 2018


I don't feel sick as such

But feel a sort of melancholy

Whatever has consumerism done to our Christmas

Before the wonderful event

Every third word on the TV and radio was the word Christmas

Songs, articles, where the turkeys lived


Then the first day of our 12 days of celebrating arrived

No TV for us so I couldn't comment

But after this momentous day

No mention

No festive music


Hang on a minute

I feel cheated by those adverts

That claimed they wanted us to have a wonderful Christmas

You didn't care

You just wanted our money

Please give us back our Christmas

Or Yule

I want 12 days of fun

And frivolity


I'm more leaning towards Yule anyway

But this over selling of Christmas is really getting to me

If you love us at least have the good grace to celebrate with us to the end

Even I took our tree down on 2nd January

I usually hang on to the bitter end

But it goes up for Winter Solstice

So really our 12 days begin then

Has Christmas become a farce?

Many 'do' Advent rather than the season itself

I wish I could shut off from the outside world fron Halloween onwards

And make Christmas come alive again

Surely I can't be the only one?


New Years Day hubby and I took Heidi down to the woods

It was lovely to come home to a warm cottage for lunch

At dusk we made our way with eldest and her hubby to Clovelly

To admire the Christmas lights


We walked from top to bottom

Sought liquid refreshments at the pub

Then tackled the long climb back up the hill

Stopping many times to admire the 'Wolf Moon'

Sadly many lights were not on

Obviously Christmas had come and gone

I'm beginning to feel like Scrooge

I know we can choose to do our own thing as we wish

And just wish I could avoid the oversell before the event

Blessings J. x



  1. Following a huge build up, it's all over too soon for my liking. I guess that's what happens when the celebrations start so early. Enjoy the season as you will and make the most of the precious times. My tree came down yesterday and school started this morning so it's back to the usual routine for us once again. X

  2. I long for the days when shops closed for a week between Christmas and New Year and there was no Sunday shopping.
    If it wasn't for Ruby and Marlowe I probably wouldn't have bothered with a tree even this year.
    The Christmas we grew up with is no more. I'm so glad I was born when I was to experience it.

  3. We chose to celebrate yule rather than Christmas as it has become so commercial. We also choose to not have the tv on except to see a specific programme and our tree was down on new years day - felt like a symbolic clearing out to have the house back X hope you feel less out of sorts soon xx

  4. We celebrate Christmas and Yule on our own terms. If you've got any Wassail events nearby then they're a great seasonal celebration. I'm leaving all the fairy lights up until Imbolc this year as it feels closer to the traditional celebration of the wheel of the year.


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