Monday, 8 January 2018

Getting Ready To Plough

Quite frankly I'd like nothing better

Than to close the curtains

And be laying on the sofa

Underneath a wool blanket

And clutching a hot water bottle

But that cannot happen


As in times of old

Today is Plough Monday

And just happens to be

The day I return to paid work

After the Winter Festivities

Nursing a virus of some sort

I've elected to meet my learner

Away from the nursing home he works in

But meet I must

Funding and such things

I do not understand

But must obey


Hubby did indeed return to the homestead

Chilled to the core last evening

After a charity tractor run

I hope he doesn't suffer

From his adventures later


The skies are a pure grey

The trees are swaying

The ground looks cold

The word RAW springs to mind

I must remember to sprinkle

Fresh bird food around the garden


Heidi did get out for a run yesterday

She loves to follow me up the hill

I drive slowly

In a deserted lane

Far away from too much civilisation

It's not as good as a woodland walk together

But better than nothing

And keeps her heart healthier

Than pretending to be

A fireside rug


Well I really must prepare

To meet my learner

Files and bits of paper

Need sorting


Blessings J. x


  1. Doesn't take long for everything to get back to normal does it?
    My workers are back at work today....very grudgingly....and I am back to having time and space to get on with my jobs.
    I much prefer the snuggling.

    I do hope you get rid of your virus soon you poor girl.
    Lots of Hugs-x-

    1. Almost sure I'll enjoy it once I get there...just feel guilty for having some time off! x

    2. Hi. I assume from your posts that you are a QCF/Skills Assessor. I this job for several years and was often bewildered by the funding process. I often felt under pressure to 'deliver' and to then pressurize students into working faster. So I do understand your gripes, especially when students don't turn up! Still, I do miss some of the work I did. Best wishes for a happy new year.

    3. You assume correctly! I do love my job though it can be frustrating at times x


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