Sunday, 24 December 2017

In Which Heidi Is On The Naughty List!

This afternoon Heidi was a little beast

She rolled in something obnoxious

And now stinks

Doesn't she know how much her grooming session cost last week?


She's been banished to the kitchen and dining area

Away from the carpet

And this beauty

The turkey is ready to spend the night in the Aga

Having been stuffed and massaged with butter

I'm about ready for a wee glass of something

Having been cooking just about all day again

Most gifts are wrapped

It will happen whether I'm ready or not

So here's wishing you all

A Merry Christmas

Be safe, be happy, be satisfied

Blessings J. x



  1. Tomato ketchup great for removing obnoxious smells from dogs, Merry christmas have a good one

  2. Oh, your tree is awesome and Heidi is a pikle :D My Manchee often rolls in stinky stuff and I use ketchup in his bath! I hope you have a lovely day and Heidi smells a little nicer. Blessings to you and your

  3. Poor Heidi...if it's any consolation Smudge smells vile too and is going to have to have a wash down before the visitors arrive if we don't want them running for the hills.

    Your tree is just magical.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. And to you too xx Let 2018 be a peaceful one x


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