Thursday, 21 December 2017

Happy Winter Solstice

Lots to do

Just taken a cake out of the Aga

It smells amazing

Not happy with the tree lights though

Warm white LED from Asda

200 lights

But so close together

And when I take a photo they look green

Not happy!

Have a feeling I'm going to be light shopping in the morning

Well...I want it nice

No fire here this evening

It's been quite warm enough with just the Aga

Those beads took ages to cotton tie into place


I love this old beam

Happy to have the holly and ivy china on display

I didn't do it last year

Still waiting for dining area lights to be done

But we're getting there

So in the morning I'm off light searching

Followed by pastry making

Then some work

And finally the poultry market

Hope you're all having a wonderful Solstice

Blessings J. x



  1. Your decorations are beautiful Jackie and the china looks lovely displayed on the dresser. X

    1. Thank you Jules...slowly the beast that is Christmas is stirring inside me...though not a thing wrapped and empty tins to fill and a spare room to make spare! xx

  2. Gosh...your dresser looks gorgeous.
    We have some outdoor lights that are supposed to be warm white and look green.....I hate them with a passion.


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