Friday, 10 November 2017

Thank You...It Happened


It did

Though I didn't know until coming back from work after lunch

And breathe

Late this afternoon I went out to youngest and her caveman's new project to begin cleaning with her

I'd wanted to sweep the Rayburn chimney but there's quite a bend in it and without a man it just wasn't happening

Though we might phoo phoo the state of this house

We mustn't forget that it was somebody's home

Only the relatives selling the property have left behind stuff in the loft

And the loft hatch open

So mice have been playing

Like everywhere!

And there's a big leak and muchly bulging ceilings upstairs

As I said a man is required!

Most definitely a project

Anyway thank you everyone for your good wishes

Blessings J. x


  1. I'm thrilled for you Jackie. Sleep soundly tonight. X

  2. How wonderful......Congratulations to you all.

  3. I was feeling so sorry for myself. Just made my third phone call—and finally got through to—the man who saw supposed to be making his second visit to our house to attempt to find the hole in the roof. He was inclined to say there wasn’t one, in spite of the big stain in the corner of one bedroom ceiling and the water in a pan. All this is to say that you have made me feel so humble as you cheerfully write of “muchly bulging ceilings.” I must learn to be thankful for what I have.


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