Sunday, 8 October 2017

Where Did You Go?

September...last time I looked we were skipping along together

The next thing I notice is the second day of the month of October

Time has certainly been flying by in an instant

So what has been going on around here

Well...let me tell you a story

Two years ago we were renting and the owners wanted to do some repairs and then up the rent

By a fair whack

Enough was enough so hubby took it upon himself to fix up viewings for a couple of Cottages in a nearby hamlet

What was not so easy was getting a mortgage

He had stayed on the family farm putting in a robotic parlour for which no payment had been received at that time

Making the accounts pretty dismal reading

I had my joint issues and had given up full time working and was yet to learn that I was destined to become an assessor

So basically there was no way on this Earth that we would be mortgage material

However youngest and her partner had started considering buying a place together

So together with our help they bought the cottage and we set about practically demolishing it right before Christmas 2015

In April 2016 it was just about liveable and we moved in

Things still need doing but we're getting there

Anyway it soon became clear that they didn't consider it to be their forever home and wanted to move to the back of beyond

With my new job in tow and a couple of healthier sets of accounts under our belts I suggested one day that when their fixed mortgage term ended would they like us to take on the cottage

Yes please was the resounding answer

And so things were plodding along easily to gain a mortgage offer by mid December

Then they go and fall in love with a house

That's coming up for auction mid October

Skates on

Paperwork rifling

Shoulders tensed

Anyway Friday afternoon we had the news that we have a mortgage offer

Tomorrow our solicitor is requesting searches on the property

So fingers crossed soon this sweet little cottage will be ours

Well and the banks

But nothing to do with hubby's family

With all their broken promises for nigh on three decades

This will be our H O M E

Anything else will become a bonus rather than a necessity

I would love to say I'm really excited

But I'm still very tense

There is still an auction coming up and it would be lovely for them if their dream could come true

But there is only so much money in any budget

I've been painting and the wall lights are being changed

Furniture is on the move

Curtain poles are down and tracks are waiting to go up

The sewing machine will soon be busy

I just need to relax and enjoy the ride a bit more

Last evening we discussed a new front door

Ours is glass top and opens directly into the living room

I find this rather freaky

Happy dance to a new door!!

Anyway that's my news

Blessings J. x


  1. That's fantastic news Jackie, although I can understand your reluctant excitement.
    I really hope things work out for you as I know how you have felt about this for a long time. Somewhere to call your own will be just wonderful. Your own front door, literally, once your plans work out. Happy dancing for you here too. X

    1. Thank you Jules...if they get the auction property it will need loads of doing up so they will need help! It's just beginning to sink in...fir trees have come down this afternoon...yay!! x

  2. A cautious thumbs up and a huge hug.
    I hope things go well at the auction and that everybody's dreams can at last come true.
    Wishing so hard for you all.

    1. Oohhh thank you Sheila...I am at last feeling a tiny bit choice of curtains...yippee! x

  3. I'm keeping everything which I physically can, crossed for you m'dear! Best of luck!

    1. Well don't be doing yourself a mischief though! x

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