Monday, 30 October 2017



This evening we have played with pumpkins

Fun...but I am still suffering from a chesty thing

It's making me tired

The painting is progressing

And a plate rack and a made by me from a drawer open cupboard were both hung up yesterday

Also the large mirror and chandelier

The makings of our home

Still lots to do but we're getting there

Wishing you all Happy Samhain Blessings

J. x



  1. Samhain blessings. Love your carvings...they made me smile.

  2. Oh wow....the tree pumpkin is amazing.
    So glad you are getting things done but please take care of yourself. Your health is more important and lets face are always there waiting to be done....they ain't going nowhere.
    Love and Hugs-x-

    1. Thank you Sheila...I am on a go steady regime! I drew the tree onto paper and cut it out then taped it to the pumpkin before sharpie penning the design on...slightly difficult as it was a very round pumpkin! Huggies. x

  3. I do like your playing. It puts my pumpkin carving efforts to shame. Samhain blessings to you Jackie. X

    1. Awww I bet yours are just as's the most complicated design I've ever attempted so am secretly rather chuffed! x


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