Sunday, 10 September 2017

Mightily Uninspired

I find myself alone on this miserable excuse of a Sunday afternoon

Sonshine left after an early lunch

So he is still on his journey

The weather is pretty vile

I have lit the woodburner

But even that keeps blowing out

A sorry state off affairs if ever there was one

Youngest is working

Hubby is at an all weekend Ploughing event

I went yesterday and wore plenty of mud home

The photo shows Sonshine pulling the fish and chip van with hubby issuing his orders!

It is not the afternoon for berry picking

Or meandering through leafy lanes

I am not a Sunday shopper by choice

A jigsaw has been finished

A 99p beauty from a local charity shop last week

Not the easiest which was rather nice

Now I know I have work I could be doing

But I can't face it

I should maybe even be planning what to make people for Yule gifts

But no, no enthusiasm here today

I need sunshine

Beans have been picked with great reluctance on my part

I still have to process them

However I have managed a batch of Cornish Fairings

Oops...too much syrup!

Still officially yummy though

And news that Sonshine has made it back to his girlfriends house for a roast tea

I always get a bit low when he leaves after a visit

Though I know he's happy

And that counts for a lot

Still... a Mother is allowed to miss her Son surely

It is rather windy here

But with the goings on in America and Islands it's but a whimper in comparison

Caveman no.2 has returned to the fold

Things are looking up!

Blessings J. x



  1. Nasty weather here too now, woodburner alight. Jam has been made and Col was visiting the steam railway across the field apparently it was crowded with men of a certain age!. Looks slightly muddy at the ploughing, can't see the attraction of driving up and down a field myself but they must enjoy it.

  2. The Ploughing Match has been going since being set up by the war ag committee...this year is the 100th years of Ford, so the Blue Force Working Weekend has been on as well! Some folks know how to have a good time! Hope Col enjoyed his visit to the dream for boys and all that! x

  3. It's been a dreadful day here. Windy and wet, so we've been stuck indoors. A jigsaw and some Cornish Fairings sound like the ideal way to spend the afternoon. X

  4. I found that, when my 'oomph' was lacking, my husband bought me a daylight lamp and I felt it helped me. I still use it and I feel it still helps especially on dark and dank days like today x

    1. Had a bulb once...couldn't use it in the evening though or no sleep! x

  5. I've been a bit of a mess since Maggie died in May and then being ill but I think I am coming out the other side now thank goodness.
    Sorry your mojo has gone's probably with mine although I do feel some stirrings deep inside.
    Those fairings look delicious.
    Keep on keeping on me darlin'.
    Love and hugs-x-

  6. Doing a puzzle is strangely soothing on a dreich day isn't it!

    1. Yes...a waste of time...but an enjoyable one nonetheless. x

  7. Sun would also be most welcome at this end of the country :(

    1. I'll do a deal with you...we'll share any sun we get...OK?! x


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