Thursday, 14 September 2017


This fairy has been feeling a tad battered and even crumpled since braving going out in the heavy rain and strong winds over the weekend

Unfortunately this fairy also has lots to do and yesterday lit the woodburner and sat literally up against the hearth to warm her wings as she worked

She was working late into the night as she had issues with the caveman's paperwork!

She realised in the dead of night that she hadn't changed the duvet from Summer to Autumn and woke many times feeling cold

Her garden is looking sad and neglected after the storms which have been raging all week and don't appear to have blown out quite yet

Poor fairy has another spell of mad panic this morning, but hopefully this afternoon she will find the time to have her locks cut and made to shine again and this will help her feel able to tackle all that she has to

The fairies accountant wants paperwork

The fairies financial advisor wants paperwork

The fairies bank account needs some money

The fairy has been feeling hungry all the time

Oh fairy I do hope you can find what it takes to make some magic happen

Perhaps this chap could help

Well at least he's not lashing out as people pass him anymore

He even accepts a cuddle sometimes

Unfortunately he doesn't like dogs and Heidi would love to press her nose against him to see if he squeaks

And continues to do this when claws are attached to her face

So for now he resides in his upstairs flat!

Anyway, much as this little fairy would love to hide under the duvet and let everyone else deal with the chaos that's happening at the moment, she deep down knows that without her nothing will get done and everyone will be in the same situation that they are now

And the fairy is going to do her best to make some good things happen

Blessings J. x



  1. If it all works can you please sprinkle some of your magical fairy dust my way. At the moment I just feel like some sort of weird elf. 😃

    1. Oh dear...that just won't do at all (shakes head emphatically) there is a lot of dust around here...hopefully some will be magical...I'll send some off on its journey to you just as soon as the wind is blowing in the right direction! x

  2. Sending you some energy in the form of fairy dust. I have a lovely mental image of Heidi getting the puss to squeak!

    1. Thank you...all donations of energy gratefully appreciated...puss did more than squeak! x

  3. Jules the elf and Jackie the fairy.....and I suppose that leaves me as the hobgoblin

    This weird mid season between summer and Autumn rather sets me on edge. I'm glad to see the back of the summer and eager for the proper cold of winter. All day today I have been freezing cold and yet the thermometer has read 21F so won't allow the heating to be switched on.

    Hope you find some fairy dust to sprinkle around you lovely Jackie.
    Love and Hugs-x-

  4. Sending inner strength and wishes that the fairy's family realise what she does for them. ..

  5. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!


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