Friday, 11 August 2017

The Rainy Season

Previously known to us as Summer

Frankly I'm getting rather fed up with it now

Some dry days would be most welcome


Today I actually have a day off

Though sadly have another funeral to attend


Yesterday I did manage to weed most of the area around the patio


We have been bringing in our meagre Harvest...


Runner beans

The first tomato

And as it's the school holidays eldest has been a frequent visitor

Of course you're never too old to lick out the bowl!

Sonshine came home on Tuesday

And his girlfriend arrived yesterday

A houseful!


So I must away to my duties

Blessings J. x



  1. I must be a wicked Mother as I don't "advertise" when I'm doing any baking so I don't have to share the licking of the bowl! I know naughty, naughty, I have become quite sneaky over the years! Lovely piccie of your daughter.

  2. The land is glad of the rain but I am reliably informed by my resident weather man that there is more sun to come before winter! X

  3. Enjoy your full house while it lasts. X

  4. I am sick of this ever changing never know where you are with it.

    Lol....your daughter looks like your twin.


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