Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I Can Remember...

...a long time ago

each Christmas Morning

Dad's boss

'The Lady'

The farm owner

Would return from church bearing gifts for my parents

For Dad an envelope


For Mum

Maybe some new sheets

Or a table cloth


And always a huge most beautiful box of chocolates

So unlike what we see today

Sometimes the box had raised decorations

Usually a lovely ribbon bow


And inside the box

A wondrous array of shiny treats

We only ever had one at a time

And you learnt to savour the taste

After all were gone the box would be used

To store old photos

Or greetings cards


Never discarded


So now when I see mile high stacks of plastic tubs

Containing less and less sickly sweet blobs

Well I long for the return of the beautiful chocolate box

And the shiny goodness within

Nothing I've seen in recent years compares with those beautiful examples in my memory

Blessings J. x



  1. and sometimes people would keep the lids and hang it on the wall just like a picture

  2. Here, here :). When I was small boxes of Christmas goodies that we only ever had once a year were laid out on the sideboard on Christmas Eve. Heaven help anyone who opened a box before Christmas Day afternoon - can you imagine kids waiting that long for anything these days (actually - sadly - probably not just the kids)

    1. Discipline seems sadly lacking doesn't it. x

  3. Oh I remember frilly chocolate boxes!the expectation of the lid being removed and peeling back tissue paper to reveal the goodies within. As you say it was a different time when you waited all year for such a treat.

    1. Yes...that crinkly paper...that was like treasure as well....oooh does no one still make such delights? x

  4. Oh those boxes were just so were the contents.
    A proper gift.
    Another favourite thing was the colouring books we used to get with proper pictures in them. Sleeping Beauty, Babes In The Wood, Cinderella. I used to love them....not like the horrible things you get these days.....well apart from the Frozen one which is particularly


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