Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Longing For

I'm longing for some steady Summer days

With blue skies

A refreshing morning dew

A soft soothing, but warm breeze

The droning sound of insects, busy about their work

Beautiful birdsong

Oh wait

We kind of had that on Sunday






A lovely picnic lunch and long walk at Simonsbath

It was amazing

Though later clouds filled the sky once more

And a chill commanded the evening

Sending us reluctantly indoors

Sometime around Lammas the sky darkens

To a deeper shade of blue

The sting goes from the sun

This becomes my favourite time

A time to fill bowls with blackberries

Of tentatively using the first windfall apples

A time of picking and preserving

Of reaping the rewards of a Summer well spent in the vegetable plot

Oohhh what things we have to look forward to

Blessings J. x



  1. It's so beautiful, where you live :D Have a lovely week.x

  2. A beautiful time of the year but I'd like a little bit more sting from the sun first. I am starting to eye up the best Blackberry bushes though. 😊 X

  3. we had a Sunday like that too - spent it at home though, but celebrated the growing and turning of the seasons, the harvesting of our veg, the sound of the insects, the birds and the neighbours lawn mower .... all sounds of summer!

  4. Sounds blissful Jackie. I do love a picnic and we don't have them often enough these days.

    Your photos are beautiful and I love the last one....can anyone else see the stones making the shape of a skeleton lying across the path? Awesome.

  5. These photos are so nice to look at, capturing the moment perfectly. Lovely to see you having the time for your surroundings and enjoying it all x

  6. What a wonderful feel-good post filled with such pretty photos!! Sounds just perfect!! May the coming week bring you many more of these perfect days!! xo

    ~ Wendy


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