Wednesday, 7 June 2017

What To Share

June is being typical June I suppose

One day brilliant sunshine

The next almost monsoon-like

The end of this week brings us a full moon

And my Mother always said that the weather changed with a new moon

So a couple or more weeks of wet then


The elder is flowering around us

Though I shall have to wait for drier conditions before picking this years harvest

I wish to bring home my dehydrator

I don't have the storage facility to keep lots of cordial made so think drying some flower heads would be a good idea

That way I can make smaller batches when required



I abruptly stopped knitting when the evenings became a little lighter

This usually happens each year

I'm not sure exactly why

It just does

I'll pick it up again come Summers end



I love reading

Especially blogs at the moment

I'm very interested in topics of a natural theme

Of our changing seasons

Old folklore


Hedgerow finds and makes


Work is very demanding at the moment

I need to chill

Not easy when evil beings are running amok in our land

People are hurting

This makes me sad

But together we are strong


Blessings J. x



  1. The weather has been very changeable here too. A few of my pots have blown over this morning, it's so windy.
    I hope you manage to gather some elderflowers. We now have three large bottles of cordial. It should last us a while as it is very strong so we don't need to use much.
    Much love Jackie. X

  2. For Yarrow....thank you for your lovely comment...unfortunately I pressed delete in error instead of publish...lunchtime knitting...sounds good to me! x

  3. The weather has been 'interesting' recently, but we did need the rain as the rivers and water table were so low, but .... we need sunshine too! I still knit, I need to, my hands have to be kept busy, so in the evenings, when we finally sit down, even if it is a row or two, I knit :)


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