Saturday, 10 June 2017

Farewell Blogsy

Apparently the time has come for me to part company with Blogsy
Dear friend...I stuck with you for a long time
Alas now you are unsupported and as such have become unusable 
So as it stands I have to relearn how to upload photos 
I will find out how
But today I am clueless 
Google will I'm sure be my friend 
But not today 
Today I need to create
After an emotionally turbulent week
For many reasons 
Several people I associate with are suffering 
In different ways
Grief, heartache, worry
Colleague, learner, and blog friends
I absorb others suffering 
And sometimes I need to stop and exhale 
Some people would say I worry
I'd like to say I care
So my plan is this weekend to do a small amount of paperwork 
As in get some bills out
And then absorb myself in the glorious creative cloak of happiness
Chocolate sits waiting on the dresser
I have an idea
And a peaceful weekend hopefully lies ahead
Blessings J. x


  1. Jackie.....I hope your weekend is fantastic and that you get your creative head on.
    Would love to see what you are working on....when you get the photo thing sorted out.
    Love and hugs my lovely friend-x-

    1. Was hoping to fix a lampshade...but it didn't work out...revised plan in action on that one! However I did do lots of creating in the garden. x

  2. Look up empath. I have felt this of you before. Don't completely dissappear, take time to breathe, take time to feel whole again, learn to say no, learn to love yourself again, believe in your own inner strength xxx

    1. My goodness...I do believe you're on to something! I will be sure and try to protect myself in future, thank you. x

    2. You have "empath" written all over this post. : ) I thought you knew you were one already. I've felt this reading your blog for the last few months. You're not alone in feeling like the weight of this turbulent world is on your shoulders. You just have to learn how to better deal with it. For me, helping people whenever I can and being creative helps me tremendously. Just as "kjsutcliffe artist" commented, read what you can about being an empath. It will explain a lot to you about yourself. Best wishes to you. xo

      ~ Wendy

  3. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you lose yourself in some creativity for a while. X

    1. In an unexpected way I was lovely to get dirty fingernails even! x

  4. I hope the chocolate worked. Hugs.x

    1. Chocolate...what chocolate...I haven't seen any chocolate...she says wiping her face!! x


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