Monday, 12 June 2017

At Last

It's been a busy and productive afternoon

Well...hubby left me alone today as he went upon a tractor run

After going to the farm and eyeing up my massively overgrown plants

I ventured forth to rather a nice garden centre

It was there that a carload few carefully chosen plants found their way into my possession

Anyway I had begun the transformation when who should appear home earlier than expected but hubby himself

Just in time to dig up the two remaining roses and transplant them to the other side of the patio

He's been a big help and fixed wires up for the roses 

These beauties I cut from the roses before they were moved

We had a BBQ tea outside
Determinedly so for it had become rather chilly

And so we along with these hunkered down inside while once more rain fell from the sky

Blessings J. x


  1. Beautiful flowers. The rose is gorgeous.
    A lot of my garden has been very battered by rain and wind. Never even had a chance to cut a peony head or a couple of my new chalice roses to bring into the house.
    I wonder if we might manage a bbq ths year. Our furniture is still put away and the cooking beast is still under it's cover. The weather and time off for Andy have not yet got their timings right.
    Hope you have a good week.

  2. The roses are gorgeous, I hope they're happy in their new spot and your garden looks great now :D

  3. Beautiful flowers Jackie. It's amazing how these things just come into our possession. It's cool and windy here today. Far from barbeque weather. X


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