Monday, 8 May 2017

Happy Days

Sore feet

Stiff back

Dirty fingernails

Yes I was all day gardening yesterday

Not planting

But removing


Bulbs lifted

Shrubs potted for now

Waiting with eagle eyes for any new emergence of weeds

And hubby to re-do the old pig shed roof

Which will involve trampling all over part of the flower bed

Hence a delay planting

All that remains are two rose bushes which produce no scent and though I hate getting rid of plants will go before I plant up my BLANK CANVAS

This is very exciting but a little daunting as I'm hankering very seriously for a lovely family kitchen extension errr ummmm in the future if plans go accordingly you understand!

Lots of windows and skylights may allow a successful flower bed to continue

There is a serious amount of work to do outside

No way will it all be done in time for Yule!

It's all about prioritising

Pig shed roof AKA the utility first

Next possibly the exterior back wall

Big job as the old bedroom extension where we sleep is only a rotted plywood plastered jobby

More mess


And using family muscle as much as possible

But excitement is bubbling slowly

I didn't want to come inside last evening

Even put off having a shower until this morning so I wouldn't have wet hair going to bed as it was fairly late and we weren't lighting the fire

I consider using a hairdryer unnecessary except in extreme cases!

My first learner of the day has cancelled due to illness so this morning is more relaxed than it would otherwise have been

A family of swallows are again using the nest just above our bedroom window


You know when you have all the ideas and not enough time or energy or means to do them all at once

Well that's me

But I'm going to have a darn good try

The swing seat I bought while living at the bungalow has been pulled out of overgrown grass down at the farm and is now home

Sadly it is rather rusty, but despite hubby's protests that it's a waste of time I am going to paint it

In fact I went to his workshop last evening and helped myself to a tin of red oxide

And a wire brush from his van!

This girl is determined

Though hubby has realised that I will need major help in removing my plants from their enormous pots in order to plant them up

He's a strong fellow so his help is appreciated

Though he'd strimmed the wildlife area while I was preparing roast lunch!

That issue has been raised in a calm manner and hopefully resolved!

The small EE box has not solved our problems

Hopefully on Thursday when I have to go to the big town...well past the big town for work I'll call in to EE and sort out fibre to copper because get this BT...they are offering it!

Until then I can only hope that this complete with a single photo will upload

Thank you for all your kind comments about our broadband woes...they are much appreciated

So until next time

Blessings J. x



  1. I spent my weekend gardening too - reluctantly returning indoors to feed the troops otherwise I probably would have stayed out until too dark to see :)

  2. Oh you are busy and have so many plans waiting in the wings.
    I can't wait for all our great list of things to be finished and mine includes a new kitchen too.
    I love the area you show in the photo. Is it a nice sunny area for partaking of afternoon tea?
    Glad you have a gentler start to your day today.

    1. It is lovely and sunny...and single story with skylight would make a lovely family kitchen. x

  3. No gardening done here yet. We have one more big thing coming up in May this weekend and then it can be all hands to the pump. You sound very positive and your plans very exciting.


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