Sunday, 14 May 2017

Getting A Straighter Head

Will we won't we

Do we don't we

Can we can't we

And so on

So what is happening

I do not know

My plan of action now

To resign myself that this is Little Winter

We have yet to move to Winters End

Plants will be planted

And cuttings taken to bring on

I do not foresee a kitchen extension

But there will be a mud room on the side of the cottage

If I can move our pantry cupboard and fridge freezer out I will be happy

And the boots and coats

And Hoover

And the bin

And I will loose myself in some happy planning escapism

A beautiful family kitchen

Complete with one of these

Photo from the Everhot website

This would be my ultimate choice

And practical too

As cleaning a regular oven with my shoulder issues is very difficult

The cottage still needs plastering on the outside and the top back wall redoing

Everywhere needs a fresh lick of paint

The garden needs a thorough sort out

Fir trees removing


Grass reseeding

Pillars topped off

Curtains need making

And door curtains

I already have the material cut

And a new front door!

Should keep us our of mischief for a day or two

Hubby will always hanker after having a complete unit of workshop and house one day

I hope they won't be right on top of each other

But when I do move to Winters End

That will be it

Only being carried out!!

Blessings J. x



  1. Those endless questions can wear you down can't they. I was so determined to move from this house although we had various obstacles in our way. Then a job offer too good to turn down made us resigned to staying put and making the most of it. It has taken almost a year to actually accept it properly and even now I have some doubts that we can be truly happy here.
    For me, I try and count my blessings (hard though that can be at times) and make this our home for now at least.
    I'm not aware what your own situation is but I understand how it can be unsettling. Get those niggling little jobs done, keep on keeping on and one day (hopefully soon) you will find your Winters End. X

    1. Thank you Jules. It is hard...but most of the time it's ok. Don't want anymore letdowns for hubby. His Father has been going to do something since we were married...28 years! Farming families...rather complicated...let's do this, let's do that...oh let's do nothing at all. Meanwhile I'll control you financially. Not fun. Don't look back...move on with chin up! I hope whatever troubles you about living in your locality keeps well at bay...what would we do with uncomplicated lives eh?! x

  2. Sometimes things happen and bugger up all plans anyway! so keep on keeping on.

    Blimey that's a cooker and a half. A Everhot half that size was what Mrs F tookwith her when she moved out. Couldn't fathom how it worked, my LPG range is a super job.

    1. Oh I shall certainly keep on keeping on don't you worry! Yes that's one hell of a is my ultimate dream...I'd love the hob space even more than the ovens!! x

  3. We are stuck where we are chance of moving so I am just hoping we get all the jobs done that we want to get done before I pop my clogs so that we can at least spend some time in a house that is actually finished.
    For now I just want my bath back and then we'll see where we are after that.

    That is a very impressive range.... I love it.

    Yes you keep your chin up me darlin' and hopefully things will come right soon for you.


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