Friday, 19 May 2017

Two Long Days

This past two days I have spent far too much time in my car

Both days having to travel to the county's capital city

For work

Two early starts

Two evening returns

New learners signed up

Things learnt

Head buzzing

But now for the weekend

And tomorrow yet another visit to very near the same place

The Devon County Show

I wish to see the river of poppies display as I knitted a few myself

And Sonshine is travelling all the way down to take part in a tug of war event at the show

He's not travelling alone either

We are due to meet a special someone!

They are staying here Saturday night and Sunday is his birthday

Happy Mother!

I'll be sad Sunday afternoon when they have to travel back though

But we should be going up to them next weekend

I need to spruce up the spare room some more

What gets done gets done and what doesn't doesn't as energy has deserted me this evening




And the photos from a recent walk are just because

Blessings J. x


Monday, 15 May 2017


My bedroom curtains are open revealing a grey blustery day

I should be up and dressed already

But instead have brought my morning cuppa back to bed

Just how quickly I can get ready for work I shall put to the test

Enthusiasm is low at this point for venturing forth and earning money

Saturday evening found us at yet another wedding party

I'm all in with this constant party life

But at last all the invitations have been exhausted

Time for a rest in the partying department!

It has been fun but we're not as young as we used to be

I shan't be leaving any washing billowing on the line

By the time I return goodness knows who's garden it would be in

And I now can see that it's raining

Ah well

Got to water the weeds somehow

Blessings J. x

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Getting A Straighter Head

Will we won't we

Do we don't we

Can we can't we

And so on

So what is happening

I do not know

My plan of action now

To resign myself that this is Little Winter

We have yet to move to Winters End

Plants will be planted

And cuttings taken to bring on

I do not foresee a kitchen extension

But there will be a mud room on the side of the cottage

If I can move our pantry cupboard and fridge freezer out I will be happy

And the boots and coats

And Hoover

And the bin

And I will loose myself in some happy planning escapism

A beautiful family kitchen

Complete with one of these

Photo from the Everhot website

This would be my ultimate choice

And practical too

As cleaning a regular oven with my shoulder issues is very difficult

The cottage still needs plastering on the outside and the top back wall redoing

Everywhere needs a fresh lick of paint

The garden needs a thorough sort out

Fir trees removing


Grass reseeding

Pillars topped off

Curtains need making

And door curtains

I already have the material cut

And a new front door!

Should keep us our of mischief for a day or two

Hubby will always hanker after having a complete unit of workshop and house one day

I hope they won't be right on top of each other

But when I do move to Winters End

That will be it

Only being carried out!!

Blessings J. x


Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Goodness where to begin

I am in turmoil once again

All I've ever really wanted was to have a home we could call our own and make it comfortable and cosy

A place to feel safe

For reasons out of our control this has never happened

Just when I get plans in place to make Little Winter our own

Something gets thrown into the mix

Something that stirred a little over Christmas but the offer was turned down

Now details of what exactly would tempt someone to sell land have become apparent and once more I feel on edge

If this indeed comes to fruition it may well be perfect for us

But I have had to watch my husband go down after countless disappointments before and am feeling very unsettled about this latest carrot being dangled before him

We also have the problem of who would pay for what and if we are hoping to get a mortgage to buy out youngest and her caveman it will leave us no leeway for grand designs

Already in my head I am planting my plants here but taking cuttings for future use

And a lovely kitchen extension is unlikely to happen if hubby is still hankering after something more


It's a problem that most people would be delighted to have I'm sure

But when you've been knocked back so many times before it's impossible to get excited

And that is sad

I've started to remove the weeds from the smaller shaded side of the patio bed

But the excitement I felt at being able to plant up the area had subsided greatly which is such a shame

Maybe it could be my practice space

Like a Chelsea flower show garden

With the joint issues I'm having though it's a little upsetting realising that things I could once do I now have to rely on others for


Happily the sun is still shining and for once I am home for the whole day

Things will be alright in the end I'm sure

It's just that the road we're taking has been very long with many detours along the way that very often left us further back than when we began the journey

Blessings J. X

Monday, 8 May 2017

Happy Days

Sore feet

Stiff back

Dirty fingernails

Yes I was all day gardening yesterday

Not planting

But removing


Bulbs lifted

Shrubs potted for now

Waiting with eagle eyes for any new emergence of weeds

And hubby to re-do the old pig shed roof

Which will involve trampling all over part of the flower bed

Hence a delay planting

All that remains are two rose bushes which produce no scent and though I hate getting rid of plants will go before I plant up my BLANK CANVAS

This is very exciting but a little daunting as I'm hankering very seriously for a lovely family kitchen extension errr ummmm in the future if plans go accordingly you understand!

Lots of windows and skylights may allow a successful flower bed to continue

There is a serious amount of work to do outside

No way will it all be done in time for Yule!

It's all about prioritising

Pig shed roof AKA the utility first

Next possibly the exterior back wall

Big job as the old bedroom extension where we sleep is only a rotted plywood plastered jobby

More mess


And using family muscle as much as possible

But excitement is bubbling slowly

I didn't want to come inside last evening

Even put off having a shower until this morning so I wouldn't have wet hair going to bed as it was fairly late and we weren't lighting the fire

I consider using a hairdryer unnecessary except in extreme cases!

My first learner of the day has cancelled due to illness so this morning is more relaxed than it would otherwise have been

A family of swallows are again using the nest just above our bedroom window


You know when you have all the ideas and not enough time or energy or means to do them all at once

Well that's me

But I'm going to have a darn good try

The swing seat I bought while living at the bungalow has been pulled out of overgrown grass down at the farm and is now home

Sadly it is rather rusty, but despite hubby's protests that it's a waste of time I am going to paint it

In fact I went to his workshop last evening and helped myself to a tin of red oxide

And a wire brush from his van!

This girl is determined

Though hubby has realised that I will need major help in removing my plants from their enormous pots in order to plant them up

He's a strong fellow so his help is appreciated

Though he'd strimmed the wildlife area while I was preparing roast lunch!

That issue has been raised in a calm manner and hopefully resolved!

The small EE box has not solved our problems

Hopefully on Thursday when I have to go to the big town...well past the big town for work I'll call in to EE and sort out fibre to copper because get this BT...they are offering it!

Until then I can only hope that this complete with a single photo will upload

Thank you for all your kind comments about our broadband woes...they are much appreciated

So until next time

Blessings J. x


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Painfully Slow

Our internet issues are sadly still ongoing

But you know what

The sky is blue

Birds are singing

We have food in the cupboards

A little money in the bank

A beautiful brood of 'grown up' children

A loving mutt

So despite the numb nuts at BT who brought fibre optic cable to our box making the regular internet slower then refusing to allow anyone to actually have fibre to copper connection we shall rise above this minor major inconvenience

Little darlings

So we went to another beautiful wedding

Though sadly those photos have yet to transport themselves over the dodgy airwaves that we pay good money for each month

Just pretend you can see...please...for my remaining sanity!

I didn't feel the need to wash my face in the dew yesterday morning as I received a thorough soaking on Sunday at a hill climb event

My first and last visit to such an event me thinks!

Anyway I must away to my work

Blessings J. x