Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Weekend

Well well well

What a loaded weekend

Saturday spent here

After our drink and biscuits Ben took us on a tour of the woodland that he manages

Different areas treated in different ways


He is introducing some different broadleaf tree varieties in case the sweet chestnuts succumb to disease

This charcoal burner gets moved into situ rather than bringing the logs to it

Ben says that as the years go by the quality of wood is improving through being managed so he doesn't make as much charcoal as he used to as it's only the scrap wood that gets burned

Lunch was eaten and more tea drunk


Next it was a look at the workshop and tools of the trade

All very interesting

Then the vegetable garden

We were allowed up on his raised decking area

Never knew outdoor pool tables existed before

Oh and believe it or not there's a wild swimming pool

Of course with another outside oven and bar area

Next THE house

To be honest after 15 years it's starting to get to the point where it needs a little attention

Some of the plaster has come away from the straw bales

Some of the shakes on one corner of the roof are beginning to look worn

But these repairs are no different to what any house requires

Ben says his saviour has been led lighting

As using solar power and storing it now he can enjoy a decent amount of light without draining the batteries too quickly

It did seem a little smaller inside than on the telly

But it has a families worth of furniture in now

And there were probably 16 of us

So no not small!

The Esse cooker that was originally in the kitchen has been replaced by a Rayburn

I believe the remains of the original are in the outdoor kitchen where Ben lived for the first few years

I didn't take photos inside the house

It seemed too intrusive for me to want to do so

A lovely day with lots of memories

Blessings J. x



  1. That all looks amazing.
    Glad you had a good day there

  2. It looks absolutely fascinating. I'm so glad you had a good time. X

    1. It was...learning all about how to manage the woodland. x

  3. An interesting day, bet it smelt woody and smokey in the workshop, nice 😊

    1. My two favourite areas...the outdoor kitchen and the kindling shed...photos of that next time! x

  4. How wonderful, and what an inspiring place to visit :D

  5. What an amazing experience you must have had. Not jealous in the least spit spit!!xx

  6. Envious? Oh, you just cannot imagine the depth of my envy!!! Ben's story is still my all-time favourite episode of GD. One day, I too will visit but we are so far away at the other end of the country . . . I am very glad you enjoyed yourself and thank you so much for sharing your visit.


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