Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Swallows Return

Today I saw my first swallows of the year

Two to be precise

Dancing in the sky against a wonderful blue background

Most of my day has been spent weeding the raised garden around the patio

Only now am I realising what will do where

Some parts are dry

Some damp

Some really shady and some sunnier

The large arch has to move

It's tilting precariously and I need to dig out brambles from behind it

I hope I won't encounter too much trouble from the master when asking to get it shifted up onto the garden

It's not even slotted together properly

Just kind of dumped and left

It needs a good clean and solar lights twisting round it

Then if in a sunnier position plants can grow up both sides

And look pretty

I like pretty

As soon as the bulbs are over I'll be temporarily hoiking them out in order to dig in some shrubs

And fillers

Then the bulbs can scatter into the spaces

I am rather feeling the effects of the days toil but it's a good feeling

Tomorrow I'm helping eldest and her hubby concrete a path

Think caveman is otherwise occupied

I'd better sleep well tonight!

Blessings J. x


  1. It's what I consider a 'good' tired Jackie. From physical hard work rather than emotional toil. It sounds like you have a garden plan - I'm just winging it. X

  2. Swallows, you made me gasp! We probably won't see for aaaaages yet! Lucky you, how happy 😊

  3. I am awaiting the return of the house martins. I love to watch them and we get a lot of them round here.
    If they build nests on the house they are left where they are....most of our neighbours knock them down which makes me very sad :(.
    So glad you had a good day out in the garden.


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