Friday, 14 April 2017

Can't Be Bothered

That would be me at the moment then

I made the mistake of looking back at my past garden photos last night

My plants are still at the farm

I've been down there this morning and found tree branches dumped on some

Others are starving in their pots

They're all grown in with grass and something inside me has just snapped

I've managed to get four small ones into the car

That will be it for today as I have to get ready for a family wedding away tomorrow

Hubby said he would sort out a proper place for my pots when we moved here

Level and with our old patio slabs laid down

He hasn't

He didn't want them to come here as it would be like saying his Father is never going to honour his promises

I no longer care anything about what his Father may or may not do

I just need a home

And my plants are a link to my past

Seeing plants from my parents garden shoved aside and neglected is a step too far

I also have the Collabear rose, tended by my maternal grandmother

It will be coming home no matter what

From hence forth one day a week will be spent on plan get the garden home

Our weather is as dull as my mood

Whilst hoovering out the car I felt a few spits of rain

The fire is already lit

I can hear birds singing beautiful songs as they do just before a shower

I care not a jot what we eat this evening as long as I don't have to cook it

The car needs washing and I think I'll run it through the car wash this evening possibly calling in for some grab and go food on the way home

Yesterday eldest took me out for a Mothers Day treat to Tea On The Green where we indulged in sandwiches and cake

We shared both and were still stuffed beyond our breeches

It was mighty cold in the morning though

The afternoon warmed slightly and we went to Rosemoor

My favourite place was the greenhouse where freesias are fragrantly blooming

It was out of the wind too

There were loads of lovely tulips flowering in the cottage garden

Nearer to home bluebells flourish in the woodland

Wild garlic grows prolifically

There's always the long trudge back up the hill

I hope everything fits and goes together for the wedding tomorrow

It will be good to catch up with my family who I don't see often enough

Anyway Happy Easter everyone

Blessings J. x



  1. Have a lovely time at the wedding Jackie and forget your troubles for a day at least. Your photographs are beautiful. Those tulips!! Stunning. Bluebells are starting to appear here too. A Happy Easter to you and yours. X

  2. I hope you get your garden sorted soon, I'm bringing my tete a tete daffs and my grape hyacinth on board when we get to our home mooring

  3. Lovely photos. I hope you enjoy your wedding today. It's nice when families get together for happy occasions. Have a beautiful Easter as well. xo

    ~ Wendy

  4. Plants are links with memories and people, rescue what you can and keep the memories safe x

  5. The tulips are glorious. Take care...hope you have had a good day today.

  6. So sorry you are feeling down Jackie. I hope something happens soon to lift you up.
    Love and Hugs-x-


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