Thursday, 30 March 2017

Thumping Rain

I woke early this morning

Rain thumping down can be a beautiful sound

Sleep though would have been even more delicious

I've been careful with my shoulder all week

Last evening I braved removing the sticky strapping

More will have to be applied today but I wanted to air the skin

I really want to lie on my right side

But with a black ear

Yes black

It's not happening

Today all sorts of preparations need to be undertaken for our weekend away

To the home of Ben Law

Excitement is slowly building

A list needs to be written

I need to bake goodies to take

And iron clothes

And clean boots

And remove whatever detritus is in the car

And prepare for visiting a learner tomorrow

And make a start on my online time sheet

And get things ready for an early start to work on Monday

Oh and hoop number 2 has been successfully jumped through

Still a long way to go yet though

It doesn't look like the day for a pleasant woodland walk

This might have to sustain me for today

And quite possibly this beast will be lit once more

Blessings J. x



  1. I hope you feel better soon, it doesn't sound like you had it easy lately! Enjoy your weekend away :D

    1. I could use some time without falling over...getting walloped...have joint popping out...or birds dropping stones on me! x

  2. It's so horrible when you can't sleep on the side you want to isn't it. I am a right side sleeper but sometimes have trouble with the right side of my back and have to sleep on my left. It makes me all angsty and I don't get a good nights sleep.
    Good idea to give your shoulder an airing.....just be careful while the dressing is off won't you.
    We have had rain all night but the sun is just coming out here so I hope it is for you too.

    1. As I've stopped for a tea break there is a very watery glimmer of something rather shiny in the sky! x

  3. Ben Laws Home WoW and double WOW....... all that lovely wood

  4. Prickly Wood I presume? You'll be within a few miles of where I am!

  5. I would love to see his place, how wonderful! Off to reacquaint myself with his work, take care of that shoulder x

  6. Your poor ear!! I had to sleep only on my one side for a couple of days due to vertigo. I wanted to roll over so badly. I hope it feels better soon. It's very cold here in New York today as well. The other day I had some windows open and now I'm tempted to light a fire in the fire place. Crazy!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  7. I hope you enjoy your weekend and return to us (uninjured) with some photographic evidence. X


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