Monday, 6 March 2017

Think I've Worked It Out

After doing office work all day and evening yesterday I'm up early before a morning of work outside the home

And I've done a bit of blog hopping

Now our cottage definitely has a lived in look

Happy but not necessarily good for impromptu photos

This morning I've seen many a kitchen with no dirty dishes in it

Dining room tables so full of pretty decor that there wouldn't be room to eat there

And I think I've sussed it!

I make things

They source things

Lightbulb moment!

And for the record

White painted everything would soon look awful here

Oily hand prints

Grubby dog rubbings

Log etchings

Tea and coffee dribbles and splashes

We do not live in a sterile home

But we do live in a cosy home

Has anyone ever died a cobweb related death?

Does it really matter if a leaf blows in the front door?

And sinks are for dirty dishes

So I can go to work with a clear conscience this morning

After all









Blessings J. x


  1. Oh, I did laugh at a cobweb related death!!! It could happen I suppose, but most likely from reaching across a bannister to clean a ceiling! I rarely post pictures of my home because it often looks like a burglary has occurred. It's a home I share with many animals and my two fairly adult children, it will never be a showhome :D

  2. I am with you on this. My home is a comfortable mix of boho/hyyye and border-line untidy. It hovers on the cusp of just about tidy enough should someone IMPORTANT turn up and messy enough to be comfortable should friends and family land. It is a fine line and we (house and me) tread it very lightly - coz it would not take much to fall in to the dark hole of complete and utter chaos! (especially on a Monday after all the boys have been home for the weekend!)

  3. My home looks lived in and then some. I like it to be tidy....and it will be for short periods but when the man hits home you can forget it. The corners get done when the cobwebs are thick enough to knit with but I do insist on a clean and tidy kitchen at all times.....just a bit of self preservation.....I don't want to be carted off for poisoning
    Have a good day.

  4. I never feel comfortable visiting people with such clean and tidy homes. I once visited someone with an off white carpet. I've not been back. Not cream! Off white! Goodness me, I was scared to have a drink that was offered.

  5. I will have to put some photos up of when I have finished session in the kitchen or the state of the kitchen floor that takes on a lovely look of muddy paw prints, the lounge stays fairly tidy but then we dont go in there until the evening, the kitchen takes the brunt of the daily mess and toil.

  6. I used to love to look at all of those "sterile" homes in blog land but then I realized they were starting to make me feel inadequate as a homemaker. I still peruse them every once in a while. Usually on Instagram. But I much prefer blogs where they keep things real and honest. I'm sorry but if you have six kids and your house is all white and clean then there is something wrong there. Your kids are probably boring as hell and there's probably not much laughter going on. Just a lot of yelling to keep the house clean!! That's my take on it. : ) xo

    ~ Wendy


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