Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Sound Of...

The sound of rain kept me awake for part of the night

Well here I'm blaming the rain, but falling asleep downstairs left me unable to do so again once in bed


Gazing out of the window I see steady rain now falling once again

I will not feel troubled by this

I can light the fire

Turn on the lights

Put on some music

And sew

Hubby has already left for a tractor run

And youngest and her caveman are off out for the day shortly

They are all due back later for a hearty meal of roast beef

Guess that's me cooking then!

Yesterday found me struggling with getting three layers of pre used material all sitting nicely together

Yes I know I should have ironed it first

But that's the thing about this malaise lark

You can't be bothered

You know you should

And it would be better and easier if you did

But still you can't be bothered

So not being bothered I got myself into a bother and took a sewing break in order to clean the front windows

It worked, and later I was able to successfully sew with no pleats around all four sides of the soon to be rug

I also made a start on the binding

Then the sandman caught up with me and that was that until I went to bed

Not sure if I'll venture very far today, though tomorrow I have to for work

On Friday this came off

My indicator and light dipping switch!

I can still operate both but in a mighty peculiar fashion

A replacement is on its way and I've coerced caveman 2 into fitting it!

Apparently it will be easy?..

Time alone will tell

And it's time that I also have to allow for other things to fall into place


Instead of crashing around our ears like normal

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday full of good things

Blessings J. x



  1. Even after being on my feet all day and getting lots of jobs done I had a bad night too.
    This morning I feel like somebody has wiped the floor with me and I really don't like it.
    I'll be doing roast beef today as well while everybody else sits on their backsides.
    Why does nobody ever think that the head cook and bottle washer might need a Sunday off :(

    A tartan scrumptious and I just love the colours.

  2. The rug looks fab. I never used to be a fan of tartan but I love it now.
    I hope you get your switch mended. X


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