Monday, 13 March 2017

Sunday Alone

During the week a quiet day is to be cherished

Saturday if quiet is not so bad

But being abandoned on a Sunday is not my idea of fun

Especially a damp Sunday

Well it started out very damp but did dry up and though I can't remember it it almost looks sunny outside

Must have been my dark mood obliterating it!

Maybe it would have been easier to swallow if I'd given in and got on with some paperwork

But I didn't

And consequently started feeling very sorry for myself!

I made myself some mini pineapple fritters which were very moorish

We had some batter leftover from doing sweet and sour chicken balls Saturday evening

I finally sat down to my sewing at just after 2

And guess what

Youngest and caveman returned earlier than expected

Then I realised just how much I could have achieved before they returned

If only I had not been moping around feeling sorry for myself

Can I blame the moon?


''Tis certainly a very powerful thing


Large part of morning having been wasted I wasn't going to let the same happen to the afternoon

There has been a whale washed up recently down at Hartland Quay so when caveman 2 suggested we go and see said spectacle I agreed to swell the party of 2 to 3

Hubby at this point was still on his tractor run

So off we went

Hartland Quay is a very rugged and beautiful spot

It is also very in tune shall we say with the elements

Glad of my hood to protect my ears from the wind we walked down to the shore

The tide was in and you could just see the sad image of the whale constantly being rolled with each wave surge

The many gulls gave its location away

And an anonymous looking lump of something whale-like had become detached and beached by the Quay

At least a watery sun had taken residence in the sky

But it was still mighty cold

We climbed a wall to gain a better view

Not realising the tide was still coming in

And with one chilly splashing from a wave we retreated back up the hill to the car and home

Hubby had by this time returned to the fold

Now at last I was happy to get on with the sewing whilst tea cooked

And I'm pleased to report that the first rug is finished and I have a rather sore finger from hand finishing the underside of the binding

But I am pleased with my efforts

Just a shame that for a large chunk of the day I'll be working

Insert sad face!

Anyway....the sun is shining

I have a little batter left and a few pieces of pineapple

So will go and make a super healthy breakfast

Blessings J. x






  1. Oh how lovely to up and away to the sea.
    I love being by the sea but being in the landlocked Midlands means more than two hours travelling to see the sea.
    That poor whale. It makes me so sad when they get beached.
    The rug looks so cosy....that will be lovely to snuggle under.
    Hope today isn't all work and you get at least some time to play.

  2. Sunday is the one day I feel lonely if I'm alone. The rest of the days of the week I'm busy with one thing or another. Those pineapple fritters look delicious. I'm definitely going to try making them.

  3. Just love Hartland Quay, we've been there a couple of times. I remember a little museum about shipwrecks? I think. How lovely to be near enough to visit often

  4. Do hope you got some sunshine to make you feel a little better. I am increasingly beginning to think that my mood dips and my anxiety rises around the time of the full moon.

  5. Sunday can be a rotten day for feeling maudlin. Good to get out to the sea. Blow away a few cobwebs. X


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