Thursday, 2 March 2017

Still The Wheel Turns

March already!

How time marches on

The month of March

Heralds the start of Spring

When daffodils appear in the waving grass

And the birds being to sing

The morning sun lifts a curtain

On Winters icy grip

The days begin to lengthen

And our hearts begin to skip

Our hedges and trees are changing

All bursting into leaf

Preparing for the warmer months

When time is always brief

And the air is fresh and new

All filled with the sweet perfume

From the flowers that in Springtime

Choose to open up and bloom

This is the rebirth of the land

Just as it always has been so

And may nature forever continue in Spring

To start the living things to grow

Beautiful Spring greens

Guaranteed to raise a smile

Lovely primroses

Daffodils in the woods

Heidi diving for?

A stick

This one

Which she abandoned when she found this bigger one!

A little too much to handle

So she went home without

And apart from boring things like WORK and HOUSEWORK

Both inconveniences

That has been my day

Tomorrow is a trip to the City

Work again!

And there you have it

The wheel of the year turns


Into our third month already

How did that happen?

Better make the most of each moment

But tonight an early turn in

I'll be up that wooden hill shortly!

Blessings J. x



  1. The seasons are turning, there is more light, the air though still brittle is warming gently, I am ready for more light and warmth. Xx

    1. Ah yes...I'm yearning to be sat outside with the sun on my back drinking a lovely refreshing cup of tea. Maybe a home type magazine to get lost in...possibly wrapped up a little against any little Spring chills...for when Summer comes you'll find me in the shade...outside, but in the shade! x

  2. What a beautiful post Jackie.
    I just wish the wheel would turn far enough to switch this damn rain off. I am heartily sick of it now.

    1. Rain rain and even more rain...goodness we can have too much of a good thing surely?! x

  3. There is definitely more light but it's still very chilly and damp here. Please send us some warmer weather. X

    1. I'd love to...but it's raining here...really heavily too! x

  4. Our Bearded Collie used to try to bring home sticks that size. Many times he succeeded . . .

    Hurrah to March, I'd had enough of February 😊

  5. Don't know what's happening to her since her op...she's getting to be quite a mischief maker! x

  6. That's not a stick....that's a bleeding caber! Mind you if I was a magnificent dog like her I wouldn't want to be be fussing around with twigs either!


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