Saturday, 25 March 2017

Oh The Smell Of The Earth

Well this morning as planned I did a little weeding

Just a little

Due to a certain annoying issue!


I smelt the Earth

You know the smell

The one that wakes you up from deep inside

Somewhere you've been slumbering all through the Winter months

So now I really don't want to be inside

Laundry is gently billowing in the breeze

Heidi and I had a most beautiful woodland walk

We took lunch with us

I brought home some twigs to hang eggs from

Once they are decorated

Something to do with The Daughters!

My mind is racing with plans

But what to do first?

The area around the patio basically has had a few bulbs chucked in it and a couple of really old rose bushes

Oh and lots of weeds

I'm contemplating removing everything once the bulbs are over and really cleaning out the soil

Hard work this year

But hopefully it would pay off in the future

Now there's a hint!

The huge arch that hubby made me a couple of years ago was just plonked down

It needs levelling

And loving

Maybe the solar lights reinstated up it

And now that I've smelt the Earth I'm up for the challenge

Hope you're all enjoying some beautiful weather

Blessings J. x



  1. I can feel your joy.
    So glad you took it easy with that shoulder.

  2. I've been working in the garden too, preparing new beds for the seedlings germinating in greenhouse, Was doing okay until I stepped backwards and twisted my knee - gah! Best feel better tomorrow coz I need to get my fix of spring air!

  3. We finally have some large patches of grass showing but still lots of snow. The temperature has been on the cold side and there hasn't been much sun the last few days so that's not helping with the melting process at all. There are some flowers coming up slowly but surely. I'm looking forward to working in the gardens soon as well. Take care of that shoulder and don't over do it! : ) Happy Mothers' Day to you!! xo

    ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you...I wonder why Mother's Day isn't universally on the same day of the year. I'm feeling much better apart from atrocious handwriting due to the shoulder issue! x

  4. The earth is coming to life again and it's wonderful. Thank you. You've reminded me to gather some twigs for our Easter tree. Now where did I put the eggs? X

    1. Thinking the twigs I collected are a little large for our small cottage window...but so what... I just won't pull those particular curtains! x


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