Wednesday, 22 March 2017

It's Spring...So I'm Told

The Spring Equinox is past

We're rolling now to the longest day

I'm not sure why our clocks don't go forward at Ostara

And why is Easter not the same time as Ostara

Religious politics maybe

I know I now wake to the sound of the dawn chorus

And am ready for bed fairly early

Maybe next week I'll feel more in tune with the clock

Today I feel really shattered

A slightly sore throat has been rumbling along for about three weeks

It's cold but I am reluctant to light the woodburner this early

The cupboards are fairly full but with ingredients not prepared morsels

I think some good music will be in order to encourage me to mould myself around the kitchen area today and produce some eats for the cavemen

For now though I await the arising of youngest

I need her to strap up my shoulder

It kind of popped out yesterday afternoon

It hasn't been strapped for about a week

Obviously showering Heidi took its toll


Actually I think I will light the fire

No fun in being cold

The first of about a zillion hoops has been successfully hopped through

Not without difficulty though

Several more to go yet though

Hopefully by the end of the year I will have good news to share

Blessings J. x


  1. Silly old duffer that I am I just want to wrap you up in a big soft quilt and cuddle you all better.
    Hope today is gentle on you.

    1. Oh Sheila that sounds lovely...though I'm probably the glue that holds everyone else together so goodness knows how they'd fare if I needed cosseting! All strapped up now so hopefully bones will stay where they are supposed to...I know we've never 'met' but having the support of good souls such as yourself really lifts the spirit. Big squidgy hug!! x

  2. I look forward with hope to your good news Jackie. It's turned into Winter again here. Snow on the fells and it was hailing yesterday. Some time in the kitchen beckons - once I've finished this row of crochet! X

    1. It looks as though it could snow here, though it's probably not cold enough. I wish I could crochet something other than a granny square...even then I need reminding exactly how it should be done! Keep warm. x

  3. It's very cold and windy here in New York. Mother Nature hasn't figured out that it's spring yet apparently. I hope your shoulder feels better soon. xo

    ~ Wendy

  4. It is cold and damp, no, I tell a lie, it is cold with torrential rain. The fire is rumbling away, I am always so grateful for its warmth and comfort.keep warm, keep positive, spring is here, just needs to prove it!


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