Sunday, 19 March 2017

All By Myself

Another Sunday finds me all by myself once again

I gave permission for hubby to go on yet another tractor run

Youngest and her caveman are visiting Sonshine


Have I moped


Fire is lit

Super shop from Booker has been fetched and portioned

Large pack of chicken breasts and bargain box of noodles all vacuum sealed

Budget transactions updated

Logs in

Dog tired out

Not a speck of housework done yet

But I'm not feeling guilty in the slightest

Nothing fancy being prepared for tea

Pate on toast sounds good

Blessings J. x


  1. I'm pleased your feeling a bit brighter. Pate on toast sounds perfect. X

  2. Definitely sounding more upbeat, xx helps that it feels more spring like.

    1. Think the full moon had something to answer for. x

  3. sounds like you are enjoying a bit of quiet me time :-)

  4. I could have just gone for a day on one of the sofas today but both were taken so I have just been stuck in the dining room with not much inclination to do anything except for a bit of layer pinning for the quilt and I haven't even finished that.
    Feeling proper poorly again with a dreadful cough and runny nose....and although our dinner was nice the pate on toast sounds like heaven to me.
    Hugs my friend-x-

  5. Aww Sheila...passing virtual tissues...I blame the constantly changing weather...vest on...vest off!! Squidgy hugs heading North! x


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