Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A Tightening Belt

Lately I've been keeping rather a tight clip on our day to day budget
Each transaction is scrutinised and apportioned to its correct section
Hopefully we'll be able to see where any nips and tucks can be taken
And more likely where we need to cut ourselves some slack
One department that has taken a real hammering is clothing
My knicker allowance is not nothing
But neither will it allow for fripperies
I've been darning my tights
Basically I have some material
And some yarn
So if I need something other than undies I have to make it
Or go without!
Cardigan is coming along slowly!
Shoes and boots are out of the question for the rest of the year
I'm sure I will have lots of wants but very little needs!
I'd like to think that most gifts could be cobbled together from things we already have
Discipline required!
And work
I must work hard and long
Keep slogging!
We're also trying to knock the takeaway firmly on the head
We've perfected lamb kebabs
And sweet and sour chicken balls
Both even more delicious than we could spend good money on
Next time I'll post my boiled fruit cake recipe for the lovely Sheila over at http://lifestooshorttoironteatowels.blogspot.co.uk
She was recently asking for fruit cake recipes that keep a while
Another full day at work beckons
Earning a crust
So none of this today
Just looking at the photo below and thinking
Blessings J. x


  1. I hope all your careful budgeting will lead to the fulfilment of your hopes and dreams Jackie I really do.
    Lokking forward to the fruit cake recipe....thank you.

    1. Not sure what's going to pop out the bag yet...lots of decisions...but you never know! x

  2. I darn my tights too...under trousers or in boots who would know and I reckon it could come under the eco remit. I switched to buying shoes and boots from the charity shop a couple of years ago. I was a bit squeamish at first but then thought about how many people may have tried on the "new" pair I'd bought. I'm very fussy I have to add...walking boots and trainers are new though.

    1. I'll look if I need any shoes or boots...but hopefully it won't be necessary...I do have real problems getting anything comfortable...fallen arches and bunions in the making...if I were a horse I'd be canned! x

  3. We waste so much money on take away. We call it "take out" here in the states. I've been making a real effort to cook more. Spending money on food is such a waste of money but sometimes I'm in the mood for a pizza or a salad that only the local restaurant knows how to make. Or else I'm just too plain old tired/lazy to cook at the end of the day. Like I said, I'm cooking more now though. It's definitely healthier too. Your blog header is making me long for the green of summer. Everything here is under a blanket of white right now!! : ) xo

    ~ Wendy

    1. I've seen your lovely photos of the snow! I'm sure we'll be tempted to waste money in the not too distant future...but honestly our homemade did taste better. We've had salty chew mein and curry with dry chicken from one place...bitter curry and very vinegary sauce from another...and by the time we've driven to town and back plus waiting time it's no quicker than doing our own. x


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