Thursday, 30 March 2017

Thumping Rain

I woke early this morning

Rain thumping down can be a beautiful sound

Sleep though would have been even more delicious

I've been careful with my shoulder all week

Last evening I braved removing the sticky strapping

More will have to be applied today but I wanted to air the skin

I really want to lie on my right side

But with a black ear

Yes black

It's not happening

Today all sorts of preparations need to be undertaken for our weekend away

To the home of Ben Law

Excitement is slowly building

A list needs to be written

I need to bake goodies to take

And iron clothes

And clean boots

And remove whatever detritus is in the car

And prepare for visiting a learner tomorrow

And make a start on my online time sheet

And get things ready for an early start to work on Monday

Oh and hoop number 2 has been successfully jumped through

Still a long way to go yet though

It doesn't look like the day for a pleasant woodland walk

This might have to sustain me for today

And quite possibly this beast will be lit once more

Blessings J. x


Monday, 27 March 2017

A Clout 'Round The Ear

Let's set the scene


Busy having a clean up

Me to caveman 2

Could you move the wheelie bin to the front please as it's too heavy for me

This morning heading off to work

Open car door to throw in large bag of paperwork

Wing mirror hits wheelie bin and door rebounds onto my ear

I cried

It hurts

Bin has been moved

Caveman 2 will be making his own cup of tea tonight!

Laundry is once more flapping on the line but inside I'm hugging my hot bot

Think I'll give in and light the fire

Actually it's probably warmer out than in

I didn't sleep very well last night and it's catching up fast

Beginning to think someone or something has it in for me lately

Big smile and grit teeth!

Blessings J. x


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Oh The Smell Of The Earth

Well this morning as planned I did a little weeding

Just a little

Due to a certain annoying issue!


I smelt the Earth

You know the smell

The one that wakes you up from deep inside

Somewhere you've been slumbering all through the Winter months

So now I really don't want to be inside

Laundry is gently billowing in the breeze

Heidi and I had a most beautiful woodland walk

We took lunch with us

I brought home some twigs to hang eggs from

Once they are decorated

Something to do with The Daughters!

My mind is racing with plans

But what to do first?

The area around the patio basically has had a few bulbs chucked in it and a couple of really old rose bushes

Oh and lots of weeds

I'm contemplating removing everything once the bulbs are over and really cleaning out the soil

Hard work this year

But hopefully it would pay off in the future

Now there's a hint!

The huge arch that hubby made me a couple of years ago was just plonked down

It needs levelling

And loving

Maybe the solar lights reinstated up it

And now that I've smelt the Earth I'm up for the challenge

Hope you're all enjoying some beautiful weather

Blessings J. x


Friday, 24 March 2017


Also known as



A partial dislocation of the shoulder

As I said


Actually I've been muttering a few other unprintable expletives

Lots of things waiting to be done

I need to heal

And I don't think it's going to be in five minutes flat

And how I thought that continuing to play skittles was a good idea I'll never know

It wasn't

Nay mind

I'm rather looking forward to the clocks going forward

Lighter evenings

Extra walks

More steps

A little more weight off


So what tomorrow will bring I'm not quite sure

If it's warm enough a spot of left handed weeding




Time alone will tell

Blessings J. x

Thursday, 23 March 2017



No words to explain

No powers to understand

No patience for those who wish to harm others

Just why?

Blessings J. x

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

It's Spring...So I'm Told

The Spring Equinox is past

We're rolling now to the longest day

I'm not sure why our clocks don't go forward at Ostara

And why is Easter not the same time as Ostara

Religious politics maybe

I know I now wake to the sound of the dawn chorus

And am ready for bed fairly early

Maybe next week I'll feel more in tune with the clock

Today I feel really shattered

A slightly sore throat has been rumbling along for about three weeks

It's cold but I am reluctant to light the woodburner this early

The cupboards are fairly full but with ingredients not prepared morsels

I think some good music will be in order to encourage me to mould myself around the kitchen area today and produce some eats for the cavemen

For now though I await the arising of youngest

I need her to strap up my shoulder

It kind of popped out yesterday afternoon

It hasn't been strapped for about a week

Obviously showering Heidi took its toll


Actually I think I will light the fire

No fun in being cold

The first of about a zillion hoops has been successfully hopped through

Not without difficulty though

Several more to go yet though

Hopefully by the end of the year I will have good news to share

Blessings J. x

Sunday, 19 March 2017

All By Myself

Another Sunday finds me all by myself once again

I gave permission for hubby to go on yet another tractor run

Youngest and her caveman are visiting Sonshine


Have I moped


Fire is lit

Super shop from Booker has been fetched and portioned

Large pack of chicken breasts and bargain box of noodles all vacuum sealed

Budget transactions updated

Logs in

Dog tired out

Not a speck of housework done yet

But I'm not feeling guilty in the slightest

Nothing fancy being prepared for tea

Pate on toast sounds good

Blessings J. x

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Just How Much

Mending and making do

But how much is decent

Hubby has a problem in a delicate area


The crotch in his work trousers is constantly in need of repair

I don't quite know the intricacies of what causes this wear and tear

But I'm wondering if the botched repair I've executed today is a stitch too far

After all

I wouldn't want any chafing in that department

I'd never hear the last of it!

Another two pairs of my woolly tights have also seen yet more stitchwork

Every extra days wear has to count for something surely

Talk of the devil

He's just returned to the fold for an afternoon of rugby watching

I'm sitting tight in my chair basking in lamplight

And the fire is trying to burn

Albeit not very well in this wild wet weather

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Now Known As

Mum's Boiled Fruit Cake


4oz each currants, raisins, & sultanas

25 glacé cherries (halved)

2oz mixed peel

6oz soft brown sugar

4oz butter

1/2 pint milk

1/2 tsp bicarb

1 tsp mixed spice

2oz walnuts

Place all above ingredients in a saucepan and allow to come gently to the boil.

Keep boiling for five minutes.

Leave to cool slightly.

Stir in 3 beaten eggs and 12oz self raising flour.

Place mixture in a greased and lined tin.

Ensure all mixture is removed from pan with a spoon, and that spoon is licked clean!


Fan oven 150C for 40 then 140C for 30 mins

Conventional oven 160C for 40 then 150C for 30 mins

Best left for a week to mature...but this hardly ever happens!

Blessings J. x

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A Tightening Belt

Lately I've been keeping rather a tight clip on our day to day budget
Each transaction is scrutinised and apportioned to its correct section
Hopefully we'll be able to see where any nips and tucks can be taken
And more likely where we need to cut ourselves some slack
One department that has taken a real hammering is clothing
My knicker allowance is not nothing
But neither will it allow for fripperies
I've been darning my tights
Basically I have some material
And some yarn
So if I need something other than undies I have to make it
Or go without!
Cardigan is coming along slowly!
Shoes and boots are out of the question for the rest of the year
I'm sure I will have lots of wants but very little needs!
I'd like to think that most gifts could be cobbled together from things we already have
Discipline required!
And work
I must work hard and long
Keep slogging!
We're also trying to knock the takeaway firmly on the head
We've perfected lamb kebabs
And sweet and sour chicken balls
Both even more delicious than we could spend good money on
Next time I'll post my boiled fruit cake recipe for the lovely Sheila over at
She was recently asking for fruit cake recipes that keep a while
Another full day at work beckons
Earning a crust
So none of this today
Just looking at the photo below and thinking
Blessings J. x

Monday, 13 March 2017

Sunday Alone

During the week a quiet day is to be cherished

Saturday if quiet is not so bad

But being abandoned on a Sunday is not my idea of fun

Especially a damp Sunday

Well it started out very damp but did dry up and though I can't remember it it almost looks sunny outside

Must have been my dark mood obliterating it!

Maybe it would have been easier to swallow if I'd given in and got on with some paperwork

But I didn't

And consequently started feeling very sorry for myself!

I made myself some mini pineapple fritters which were very moorish

We had some batter leftover from doing sweet and sour chicken balls Saturday evening

I finally sat down to my sewing at just after 2

And guess what

Youngest and caveman returned earlier than expected

Then I realised just how much I could have achieved before they returned

If only I had not been moping around feeling sorry for myself

Can I blame the moon?


''Tis certainly a very powerful thing


Large part of morning having been wasted I wasn't going to let the same happen to the afternoon

There has been a whale washed up recently down at Hartland Quay so when caveman 2 suggested we go and see said spectacle I agreed to swell the party of 2 to 3

Hubby at this point was still on his tractor run

So off we went

Hartland Quay is a very rugged and beautiful spot

It is also very in tune shall we say with the elements

Glad of my hood to protect my ears from the wind we walked down to the shore

The tide was in and you could just see the sad image of the whale constantly being rolled with each wave surge

The many gulls gave its location away

And an anonymous looking lump of something whale-like had become detached and beached by the Quay

At least a watery sun had taken residence in the sky

But it was still mighty cold

We climbed a wall to gain a better view

Not realising the tide was still coming in

And with one chilly splashing from a wave we retreated back up the hill to the car and home

Hubby had by this time returned to the fold

Now at last I was happy to get on with the sewing whilst tea cooked

And I'm pleased to report that the first rug is finished and I have a rather sore finger from hand finishing the underside of the binding

But I am pleased with my efforts

Just a shame that for a large chunk of the day I'll be working

Insert sad face!

Anyway....the sun is shining

I have a little batter left and a few pieces of pineapple

So will go and make a super healthy breakfast

Blessings J. x





Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Sound Of...

The sound of rain kept me awake for part of the night

Well here I'm blaming the rain, but falling asleep downstairs left me unable to do so again once in bed


Gazing out of the window I see steady rain now falling once again

I will not feel troubled by this

I can light the fire

Turn on the lights

Put on some music

And sew

Hubby has already left for a tractor run

And youngest and her caveman are off out for the day shortly

They are all due back later for a hearty meal of roast beef

Guess that's me cooking then!

Yesterday found me struggling with getting three layers of pre used material all sitting nicely together

Yes I know I should have ironed it first

But that's the thing about this malaise lark

You can't be bothered

You know you should

And it would be better and easier if you did

But still you can't be bothered

So not being bothered I got myself into a bother and took a sewing break in order to clean the front windows

It worked, and later I was able to successfully sew with no pleats around all four sides of the soon to be rug

I also made a start on the binding

Then the sandman caught up with me and that was that until I went to bed

Not sure if I'll venture very far today, though tomorrow I have to for work

On Friday this came off

My indicator and light dipping switch!

I can still operate both but in a mighty peculiar fashion

A replacement is on its way and I've coerced caveman 2 into fitting it!

Apparently it will be easy?..

Time alone will tell

And it's time that I also have to allow for other things to fall into place


Instead of crashing around our ears like normal

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday full of good things

Blessings J. x


Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Mass Of Hopes And Dreams

If you could but see inside my mind

So many hopes and dreams there

Some long forgotten now

But just maybe something will happen for us

Though maybe not what we originally hoped and dreamed of

My whole body feels in turmoil

For we can do nothing just yet

But wait

And hopefully set good things in motion

All very cryptic


I need to sew

Warm curtains

Luscious door curtains

Maybe some roman blinds

Padded table cloths

The same interlining and backing as the curtains



Rugs too

Ones that I can pick up and wash

Almost daily!

I need to fight this malaise that is gripping my body

And look forward

To what can be

Instead of what might have been

And not be sad at wasted years

As futile as

Upset and fallen tears

Learn to let it go

Find my happiness from within

And get my creative self back

She who left long ago

Wants and needs to return

Blessings J. x


Monday, 6 March 2017

Sharing My Joy

I've qualified!

Certificated and everything

I am now a real life TAQA qualified individual

And relax

Oh but hang on

A teaching qualification

Should I do one of those?

I'm considering


Something about string to bow

We'll see

For now I'm just glad

Just need to get to sleep on this very windy night

March is certainly up to its tricks



Rain and wind together


Let's see what tomorrow brings

Blessings J. x

Think I've Worked It Out

After doing office work all day and evening yesterday I'm up early before a morning of work outside the home

And I've done a bit of blog hopping

Now our cottage definitely has a lived in look

Happy but not necessarily good for impromptu photos

This morning I've seen many a kitchen with no dirty dishes in it

Dining room tables so full of pretty decor that there wouldn't be room to eat there

And I think I've sussed it!

I make things

They source things

Lightbulb moment!

And for the record

White painted everything would soon look awful here

Oily hand prints

Grubby dog rubbings

Log etchings

Tea and coffee dribbles and splashes

We do not live in a sterile home

But we do live in a cosy home

Has anyone ever died a cobweb related death?

Does it really matter if a leaf blows in the front door?

And sinks are for dirty dishes

So I can go to work with a clear conscience this morning

After all









Blessings J. x

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Knit And Natter

This is what I've been up to today

Knitting poppies for the river of poppies due to be displayed at Devon County Show in May then afterwards at Exeter Cathedral

Youngest came too and curiosity got the better of her so I cast on for her and she made me proud by knitting the middle left poppy and she's never really knitted before!

There was quite a bit of nattering too

We both knitted one more each after the above photo of our efforts

I envisage some future brooch making!

Back home this evening I've tackled a few more rows of my cardigan

An unwelcome sore throat has come a calling

I'm trying to ignore the little blighter

And I know that as I've played today, tomorrow I'll have to knuckle down and get cracking

So despite the blowing of the wind

And the lashing of the rain

And the gnawing bite of the chill

I have shelter

And am grateful to sit beside our fire

Blessings J. x


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Still The Wheel Turns

March already!

How time marches on

The month of March

Heralds the start of Spring

When daffodils appear in the waving grass

And the birds being to sing

The morning sun lifts a curtain

On Winters icy grip

The days begin to lengthen

And our hearts begin to skip

Our hedges and trees are changing

All bursting into leaf

Preparing for the warmer months

When time is always brief

And the air is fresh and new

All filled with the sweet perfume

From the flowers that in Springtime

Choose to open up and bloom

This is the rebirth of the land

Just as it always has been so

And may nature forever continue in Spring

To start the living things to grow

Beautiful Spring greens

Guaranteed to raise a smile

Lovely primroses

Daffodils in the woods

Heidi diving for?

A stick

This one

Which she abandoned when she found this bigger one!

A little too much to handle

So she went home without

And apart from boring things like WORK and HOUSEWORK

Both inconveniences

That has been my day

Tomorrow is a trip to the City

Work again!

And there you have it

The wheel of the year turns


Into our third month already

How did that happen?

Better make the most of each moment

But tonight an early turn in

I'll be up that wooden hill shortly!

Blessings J. x