Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Woman Down!

I did it
I don't know how I did it
But I did
I fell splat in the road this afternoon coming back with the residents from our activities club
As I was carrying a basket in one hand
And my big shot in the other there was no saving myself
So splat
Carer down!
Thick tights ripped
Skin hanging on by a smidgen
Quite a mess
Rather like something I did 40+ years ago whilst playing kiss-chase!
Maybe as I turned my knee gave in
I can't remember tripping or going off balance
Just whack and splat
Now it's ouch
And I have a skittles match this evening
A home match that will involve me setting up for
As I said OUCH!
Hope you have all had a day filled with love and such like
Blessings J. x


  1. Extremely OUCH! Hope you are quickly feeling better for skittles

  2. OMG Jackie....I am going to have to come down and give you a talking too. Can't leave you for five minutes.
    Seriously though Ouchy Wouchy.....I hope it heals soon.
    Big hugs-x-

    1. If your visit was planned around teapots and cakes as well as giving me a dressing down I wouldn't mind a bit! x

  3. Blinking heck Jackie. I hope you're ok. It comes as a bit of a shock to fall as a grown up. We get out of practise. Take things easy. X

  4. Feels though I may have had a rough night on the tiles this morning...all will heal soon I hope! x

  5. Oh no!! I hope there were people to help you - take care!! xx

  6. I have been AWOL, apologies :) Am trying to catch up chronologically so I hope I'll soon find a post saying you're feeling much better 🙂


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