Monday, 20 February 2017

What's Yours Today

Each day we make thousands of mostly unnoticed choices

Tiny little things mostly

Here are mine

Holly and ivy mug to hold my morning cuppa...well it is still Winter

A dress that I chose to wear even though it needed ironing!

I chose to light the fire as though fairly warm it is damp outside and that can transcend into the house

I chose the comfort of a real fire over turning on the radiators

I chose to eat banana sandwiches for lunch

I have chosen music to listen to this morning and to half watch Tales From The Green Valley this afternoon as I tackle paperwork

Things I haven't chosen to do but have had to are taking Heidi to have her stitches removed...all good

Various business phone calls

Oodles of bloomin business paperwork

And by default it's me preparing our evening meal of chicken curry this evening

I actually chose to launder our bedding today (begrudgingly)

This evening I'm going to do a quick reckoning on the meat we need for the next four weeks in preparation for a trip to the butcher

We are still being careful with the amounts though it would be wrong of me to say I've managed to adhere to the rations 100%

I go by value...our meat is not the cheapest but we eat far smaller portions of it nowadays

I don't always include chicken in the reckoning or sausages as these weren't on ration but difficult to obtain

Mostly I think we do pretty well...but due to caveman no.2's milk guzzling habit...milk I know we...well he, fails on

But sugar, and fat...though I lump all the fat rations together, we are ok on

Tea is plentiful, but flour though not rationed was restricted to national variety and I'm afraid I still use white

I wonder if it had to be done again what our allowed rations would look like today


Sonshine won our family quiz last evening via face time

Sue was asking a little about it so for those interested here are a few of the questions

What is the given name of our Queen

In which year he was the pound note withdrawn from circulation

What is the legal minimum tyre tread depth for a car in the U.K.

Who built the first full size steam train

What is E. L. James famous for

How many times did Red Rum win the Grand National

In which Year did HMS Titanic sink on her maiden voyage

Who wrote the Pooh Bear books

How many bones in the human body

Where would you find your solar plexus

There...ten of the thirty questions I asked last night!

Answers next time.

Blessings J. x



  1. Oh dear, I can only answer two off the top of my head.
    Well done your family!

    1. To be honest they didn't fare too well either...think most of them were a little too young! x

  2. Things not chosen but room cleaned and laundry done.
    Lovely things hand tied miniature quilt finished and the binding attached ready for hand finishing the other. REM and First Aid Kit played very loudly and then a cup of tea taken in absolute silence.
    Today has been blissful.
    PS...I will definitely need to see the answers to a couple or so of the questions but I do actually know the Titanic one as it went down on the date of my birthday.....although not the

    1. Sounds like you had a good day then...may we see said quilt? x

  3. I'm just pleased you have made it through the day without incident. 😊 I love the idea of your family quiz. Well done Sonshine. What was his prize? X

    1. He won the honour and glory to be relinquished to whoever wins next time! x

  4. I love banana sandwiches, I have a favourite cup I like my tea from well I have several and mine stay on the mug rack :-)


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