Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Lady In The Van

Charming...but that's what a friend has called me since we moved to the cottage

The reason

My car is nearly always full of stuff either coming from or destined to go to the inlaws

A space problem

In like we have none!

So today I've a gungy knee...dressed and bandaged

A sore thumb where the nail hit the road end on but didn't break...go figure!

A throbbing elbow...that collided with my basket of tricks upon landing

And a sore ankle on the other leg which may have been the initial cause of my demise

I fear I ricked that ankle and my knee on the other leg couldn't cope with the jolt so down I went

I discovered that the learning disabled individuals I work with get very concerned but have no concept about how to help!

Ah well...we made it back to the home with no one other than me in tatters!

Anyway once more the car is clinking with bits and bobs in the back so this morning I'm heading off down to the inlaws

Hopefully with eldest in tow...though she's car less so I'll have a trip to fetch her first

I could do with a good set of legs to carry things up the stairs and she also has some car bootable items to sort through

I'll also be looking for bits that I no longer want need or indeed never needed but wanted!

We're going on an eBay fest...well eldest is...for a commission!

This afternoon I'm off to get some highlights put in my hair

I've gone through winter with a block dark colour...cos it's cheap

But now I really fancy a little lighter colour in my life!

Heidi appears to have turned a corner in her recovery

She's still very tired...but then aren't we all!

And she's taken to sleeping right at the bottom of the stairs

She did that when we first moved here

Makes her just a tiny bit closer to us

Bless her

Though she'd be a little too large to have on the bed!

And this montage is just because I'm not photographing the undies I bought yesterday and I've nothing else to show

Blessings J. x



  1. That all sounds very painful and nasty. I hope when it's all healed that you will get a good chunk of time with nothing going accidents or illness. I think you have had your fair share and deserve some time off.
    Go us yer knickers....I dare

    1. Sorry Sheila...wouldn't want to break the internet! x

  2. My car is often full of bits of recycling or like you items going to new destinations!


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