Sunday, 5 February 2017


My shoulder has been taped for three days now

It still hurts, but I'm hopefully past the agony stage

Last evening I braved doing a small amount of knitting and reached the armhole on a front of my cardigan

And I slept reasonably well so fingers crossed

Heidi seems completely oblivious to the forthcoming events of next week

She's been getting extra cuddles which seem to make her extra tired as she's been snoring like an I don't know what really!

After a week of sweeping gales and strong winds it's beginning to turn colder again

I really must set to and get a good amount of logs in by the fireside today

I'd love to get the sewing machine out later and possibly make another padded throw thingy like the one Heidi has adopted

They are so each to pick up and wash and I want enough to change regularly this coming week when her wound could possibly weep a little

A roast to prepare for tea and that will be my day just about taken care of

I may fit in a little blog catch-up time but I apologise in advance if I haven't been commenting as much as usual on yours

A little thing called life has been getting rather in the way of late!

Blessings J. x


  1. ouch, your poor shoulder, hope it is better soon, take care and keep warm, and I hope the vet visit goes well for poorly Heidi x

  2. There is something tremendously reassuring and comforting about bring loads of logs inside :)

  3. I think you can cope with anything as long as you can at least get some sleep.
    Hope you are not in pain for too much longer.
    Sending you strength to get through the week of Heidi's op.

  4. Life does that, get in the way, you and Heidi need to take care of yourselves, keep warm and heal xx


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