Monday, 6 February 2017


Now there's a long word


And it can be a time consuming pass time

Yesterday I made a snuggle blanket for Heidi from old curtains

Plus some cotton bump

It's lovely and soft

And easily washable

It took me quite a long time



Then trimming

And pinning

Finally sewing

I interrupted my sewing with a short walk with you know who

So glad she didn't walk through this!

It was really rather bracing

Especially when the sun disappeared behind the clouds

A head down and for home decision was quickly made

Home and back beside the warmth of the fire

Even if it was a little messy

Heidi and I are very touched by all your messages of support

She is six years old, and will be seven in July

I haven't told Heidi, but I am aware that for a large dog she is entering old age

She is still my fur baby though

Heidi joined our family when Sonshine was going off to university

She filled a great big hole

Tomorrow is a big day for us

Hopefully I will come back next time with good news

Blessings J. x



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