Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Outside The Home

Today is a day that will largely be spent working outside the home

As in paid for work!

I can't build up much enthusiasm at the moment as I've seen proof that the great Atlantic Ocean is indeed back true to form

As I relayed to hubby it reminds me of days long ago at junior school when the tops of the milk bottles would be splashed with grit and we would be allowed to stay in for 'wet play'

They were indeed what seems a lifetime ago

I could say a time of skinned knees

But I still have that today!

I removed the extra 4.5 tog duvet last night and believe we slept better under just the 9 tog one

Bet that will encourage a big sting in Winters' tail!

Looking around our bedroom I see the need for a good tidy up

I've let things slide a bit up here whilst Heidi has been recovering

But it's due for a mega scat and fling session!

I cut a length of wood trim yesterday that I'm hoping will sit on ledges in our cupboard and by removing one of the shelves become a hanging rail

Now that would help immensely

If it works I'll take a picture

If it doesn't I'll keep stung and pretend I never mentioned it!

Can't remember if I ever showed you pictures of Nellie the tractor

Or me and hubby

My three 'babies'

'The' cake

That September day seems so long ago too

Anyway answers were promised so here they are

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary



Richard Trevithick

The Fifty Shades trilogy



A. A. Milne


In your stomach

Hope you had fun

Blessings J. x



  1. After a couple of warm nights I ended up taking a hot water bottle to bed last night.
    It's cold today so the fire will be lit tonight.
    What beautiful photos of you all and I love the tractor.
    Disgusted with myself for only getting four out of ten questions right.....bottom of the class for Mrs Tea Towel then.....lol.

  2. Lovely wedding pics, I have switched our duvet yet and now storm Doris is on the way


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