Saturday, 11 February 2017

Making The Most Of The Snow

Somebody was feeling a little sorry for themselves this morning

I'm thinking that the pain relief must have worn off and bruising is coming out

Poor girl

She didn't even bark when the postman came

But lay outside in the snow for ages

Thinking to cheer her up I took her to see my sister in law

It took her mind off her wounds for a while and she was allowed items from the special tin!

This afternoon has been all about rest and recuperation

Easy does it

Anyway it's been a truly exhausting week both physically and emotionally

It's had lows and highs

I had started to feel a bit, well Februaryish

You get through January

Not much sunshine

You feel tired

Even when well rested

And things seem all a bit blah

Can't be botheredish

Take this evening for example

I really couldn't be bothered to cook tea

Hubby said we could have a Chinese

It was not worth it

I should have been bothered

But I couldn't be

I have lots of ideas all whirling around inside my head

But energy to concentrate on absolutely nothing

These feelings will pass

I know they will

Just as soon as I set them free

But it is so hard sometimes to see beyond the first move

You can be physically bogged down and paralysed

Tomorrow I shall try again

I will make a list

Not too long

And relish ticking off the tasks

And if my body requires rest maybe I should just give into it once in a while

Who knows I might even allow myself a small glass of something rather special in the afternoon

Blessings J. x



  1. It will pass Jackie. This is how I have been for the last several months since Andy was diagnosed with 'C'. I am coming out of the other side now and you will too....slowly and surely. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish for only the best for you.
    Heidi....I am sending you some hugs and healing thoughts for those bruises beautiful girl-x-

    1. Oh Sheila I can quite imagine how you've been feeling...sometimes I'm amazed how we can cope with things when they're actually happening then just when life seems back on a more even keel bam...down we go. Go carefully my friend. Heidi has been passed on your hugs...thank you. xx

  2. I often wonder how much discomfort our four-paws might be in after a procedure? Poor Heidi, do you have a bottle of Loxicom to hand so you can give her a maintenance dose of painkiller for the next couple of days.

    Not surprised you had one of those 'can't be bothered' days, hope you are feeling more like yourself today :)

    1. No I don't have any Loxicom...but if she's still a bit mopey tomorrow morning I'll enquire with the vet. She's wiped poor love, but after an anaesthetic which basically is poison I guess she would be plus two scars and a hysterectomy. I'd be a sight worse than she is I'm sure. You can't explain to animals either which kind of hurts when they're suffering. x

  3. It has always taken Sol and Kara when we had her a good few days to recuperate after anesthetic, I know the feeling well as I always do as well, glad she is on the mend, you need to give yourself a bit a time after a stressful week too :-)

    1. Thank you Dawn...I think I did better's surprising the power of an achievable list! x


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